Sinevibes Odds, stochastic synth engine for Korg logue synthesizers

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Sinevibes Odds, a stochastic driven multi-synthesis plugin that turns Korg Logue synths into a constantly, evolving tone & pattern generator

Since the official launch, I have been fascinated by the constantly growing world of Korg Logue synthesizer plugins. Yes plugins you read that right. These “plugins” are basically extensions that can be loaded into the Korg Logue’s digital engine. That’s special and super interesting. Even more with the fact that Korg is not the supplier of these algorithms but the community thanks to an open-source SDK. And it benefits greatly from this.

There are tons of free but also commercial algorithms. From new oscillator types such as physical modeling, FM synthesis, new effects to these mighty algorithms that completely transform the Logue synths into something new. The developers of Sinevibes often cause a stir with their innovatives codes that show how much strength this engine offers.

Sinevibes odds

After they have already conjured up a 4-part FM synthesizer (Node) and a multi-timbral bass drum machine (Groove) in the logue synths, Odds is another fully equipped engine with a wow effect.

Sinevibes Odds

Odds is probably one of the most extensive engines for this innovative platform so far. It starts with a hybrid engine that host super flexible dual oscillators with a wide range of synthesis. Including virtual analog, FM, phase distortion, waveshaping, ring modulation, cross modulation, and LoFi. Yes all this in a single algorithm. Plus all of them running at double the system sample rate for the highest possible quality.

Then, you get a state-variable filter for further sound shaping options. Sinevibes promises a total of 80 different Odds configuration that keeps you busy for the whole of the Christmas holidays and beyond.

Stochastic Control

However, it is not only the powerful synthesis options that are intriguing in this plugin, but mainly what drives everything. It’s the stochastic control part of it that makes the Sinevibes engine unique in many ways. For every note played, Odds generates melodic content that has variable trigger probability, selectable pitch transpose, and advanced randomization on the patterns and on up to 4 additional synth engine parameters.

The result are very complex, never-repeating melodic and tonal variations that you can create out of the most basic note sequences. Completely mind blowing for me when you consider that you can do something like that with a 99€ NTS-1 synth + plugin. And the cherry on the cake: it also gives you a highly flexible modulation engine with different envelope and LFO shapes.

The plugin ships with 40 new presets for the Korg prologue, 35 presets for minilogue xd, and 35 presets for the NTS-1 (in the from of preset tables).

Another powerful Korg plugin with which you can steer your logue Synthesizer in a new direction. What Korg has created here is brilliant, but also what the third-party developer community is also doing is lovely. At first glance, Odds looks like a plugin that Korg users shouldn’t miss.

Sinevibes Odds is available now for $39 USD + VAT and runs on Korg prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1 synthesizers.

More information here: Sinevibes

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  1. I really like some of sinevibes products but their prices are not very competitive!40+vat for an algo for a synth that costs 99 is a bit too much imo!
    Quality wise their products sound very good tho!

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