BLEASS SampleWiz 2, Jordan Rudess’ fascinating live sampler app got a level up

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With SampleWiz 2, BLEASS is showing a completely renewed, expanded version of Jordan Rudess’ live granular sampler iOS app from 2010

We recently celebrated the 10th birthday of the innovative Moog Animoog app on iOS. One of the first Synthesizer apps of that time that had a very high, professional interface and sound level.

At the same time, Jordan Rudess released SampleWiz, an app that transforms the iOS device into a live sampling instrument. Very new and innovative 10 years ago. I can remember using the app for a very long time with great pleasure. I recorded many samples and design unique sounds with it.

BLEASS Samplewiz 2

I am very happy to hear that Jordan Rudess is also celebrating the 10 year anniversary of this innovative app. And that big with a completely new developed version in collaboration with BLEASS. One of the best app developers of 2021.

BLEASS SampleWiz 2

SampleWiz 2 is a completely new app but with the idea and soul of the original. Turning your iPhone and iPad into instruments using live sampled audio. It can be your voice, a crack of the door, field recordings … everything can become an instrument. SW 2 engine is split in different section that gives you a workflow of a classic subtractive polyphonic Synthesizer.

The heart of the app is a live sampler engine that can be found on a dedicated page. You can either capture samples from the built-in mic, an external sound card or from any assigned track using the AUv3 effect version. Once recorded, you can manipulate the samples in many creative ways. From resampling, editing the loop points (start/end), reverse them or use the granular or cloud modes taking them in atmospheric sound fields.

Yes, you read that correctly. SampleWiz 2 has a built-in granular engine with the option to set the grain size, speed, turbulence, spread, and position of the granular sample point. From here, it goes in an overdrive section and a multi-mode filter with LP, HP, BP, and notch modes. In the same window, you can also adjust the amp and filter ADSR envelopes.

Bleass SampleWiz 2

Modulation & Motion

SampleWiz 2 also has a solid modulation engine with which you can free the sounds from their static prison. It has a pair of freely assignable multi-wave LFOs and another ADSR envelope. So you have in total three ADSR envelopes.

A motion sequencer is also available to transport the sounds on a wild ride. It generates rhythmic movement and repeating patterns of modulation values. You can assign up to two modulation destinations to the sequencer. It gives you the freedom to configure the length and randomness of a sequence, add sync option, and more.


Finally, you can polish your sounds using the built-in delay and reverb processor. The delay features different types with speed, sync, tone and mix controls. Same applies to the reverb which comes with a range of parameters to sculpt the timbre of it. Including low cut, modulation rate, modulation amount, room size, length, and more. And as little highlight: it also has a shimmer section making beautiful atmospheric sounds.

And the new SampleWiz 2 also works with the latest technology and thus has all the latest must-haves in the iOS synth world. Means, it ships with a AUv3 version and full MPE support.

First Impression

BLEASS invited me to beta testing that I accepted with great pleasure. SampleWiz 2 is an impressive further development of the original app from 2010. Much has been significantly expanded and made more flexible. The new app also remains as fascinating as the original for me.

Mainly because you can build a super expressive instrument out of every recorded audio snipped. Plus, with granular synthesis, you can move them even further.

BLEASS SampleWiz 2 is available now for $9.99 USD for iPhone and iPad with AUv3 support on the Apple App Store. An additional MPE preset pack can be unlocked via an in-app purchase for $3.99 USD.

More information here: App Store 

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