Puremagnetik Foam, Tensol, Leems, Sphine, new pedal-style synths and FX plugins

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Puremagnetik has published four new creative pedal-style synth and FX plugins, including Foam, Tensol, Leems, and Sphine. 

In recent years, Puremagnetik has released numerous plugins with very concentrated feature sets—only a few parameters to work with creatively. They remind me of pedals that also have few parameters and a very hands-on workflow.

I have reported regularly about the plugins in articles. But not in the last few months. That was mainly because the releases passed me by. I’ll catch up on that now, there were four new plugins in the last three months: Foam, Tensol, Leems, and Sphine.

Puremagnetik Foam Tensol Sphine Leems

Puremagnetik Foam

The latest plugin is called Foam and is an analog-style bass drum Synthesizer with a dub-inspired delay and tape saturator. According to the developers, it’s a low-end machine that can be used as a drum voice or for low-frequency support and drum replacement.

Foam has two sound engines allowing you to sculpt its tonal balance from purely electronic to acoustic bass drums. Its delay section is inspired by tape dub echoes with separate sections for delay time, feedback, mod, and analog tape compression/saturation.

Puremagnetik Tensol

Then Tensol is a unique effects processor built on a string tension resonator, granular particle chopper, stretcher, and variable delay line. It takes the incoming signal, runs it through a resonator – then chops, warps, and reorganizes everything.

There is also pitch-shifting action in semitones or tape-style pitch scaling. Tensol also features a randomizer, aka Jumble mode that randomizes every control giving you endless new results.

The developers say Tensor is a powerful sound design and audio-experimentation tool. It gives you new ideas about phrasings, harmonic content, and more.

Puremagnetik Leems

Leems Lo-Fi Portal is a dirty 3-oscillator Synthesizer plugin inspired by the 1980s audio chips and Lo-Fi glitch sounds. It features three switchable saw, triangle, noise, and “mixed” voices with wave modding options. This can be routed into a variable bit-crusher and an algorithmic reverb.

There is also an ADSR envelope for shaping the sound. Puremagnetik says that Leems is a versatile machine for lush, modulating soundscapes, sampled folded blips, powerful leads, and more.

Puremagnetik Sphine

Sphine is an unusual reverb effect plugin. PM says it’s an echo harvester that creates ending spaces, shimmering atmospheres, and endless sound washes. It consists of two reverb algorithms with morphing abilities, two delay types, and constantly modulating reflections.

Its reflection matrix can produce everything from a beautiful room tone to an ethereal spiral of echoes.

First Impression

Nice new Puremagnetik plugins that are very hands-on and focused. I especially like the effects because they bring multiple effects together in a very compact form.


Foam and Tensol are now available as a part of Puremagnetik’s monthly ($9) or yearly plan ($89). Later the plugins will be available for $20. There is a special offer in July.

Join the monthly or yearly plan and get Tensol and Sphine for immediate download. Alternatively, Sphine is available now for $20. Leems is available for $3+ from Bandcamp and includes The Leems Boyste, the latest album from Petteril. The plugins run in VST and AU format in macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: Puremagnetik 

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