Moffenzeef The Runner, new drone Synthesizer for evil sonic explorations

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Moffenzeef The Runner is a new experimental drone Synthesizer in collaboration with Boy Harsher that outputs evil, evolving drones until dawn

I’m a big fan of wild, experimental synthesizers. This is because such instruments try to realize new ideas that the big player would probably never do. And the instruments often sound so weird and crazy that they offer trigger a dislike swarm on YouTube. Hehe, so the end of the visible dislikes on YT makes here sense. Joking aside, such synths have a raison d’être. They are special and certainly target certain musician groups like sound designer, noise artists, etc.

The US based Synthesizer company Moffenzeef Modular has already built many unique electronic instruments. Among other things, the Stargazer, one of the coolest drone synths in recent years, for my. And now comes another, smaller but not less interesting

Moffenzeef The Runner

Moffenzeef The Runner

The latest product Moffenzeef product release was made in collaboration with the electronic artist Boy Harsher known for its soundtrack for the The Runner horror movie. And the new instrument bears the same name.

The Runner is a compact, pedal like hybrid drone Synthesizer. The core is based on 5 PWM oscillators where the pitch of the main oscillator can be adjusted with a controller on the interface. The other four oscillator have fixed intervals and can be faded using the harmonics knob. There is also an additional quantizer. Then, you have a resonant lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance control. Of course, it can go into self-oscillation making it into a sixth oscillator.

Animate knob is a slowly morphing organic LFO that can modulate the pulse width, detune and filter. You can set the range between slow and fast. Further, you have a digital chorus and analog distortion to further thicken and widen the sound.  The operation is very easy. No parameters abundance but only few macro controls with essential functions. Fewer knobs to get the right sounds quickly. Sounds like a sweet spot drone synth.

Moffenzeef and Boy Harsher promise an evil drone fest: “Drone on and on till the break the dawn.”. From sweet, mellow, chorus-rich, detuned washes to walls of brutal harsh noise, The RUNNER will be sure to take you to the drone zone with little effort.

A crazy, wild drone synth in my opinion. Inexpensive for sure not, but an interesting instrument with which you can surely awaken the creatures of the underworld.

Moffenzeef The Runner is available now for $455 USD + shipping + taxes. It’s limited to 250 units.

More information here: Moffenzeef

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