Best Synthesizer plugin deals for Black Friday weekend 2021

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The best Synthesizer plugin deals for Black Friday weekend 2021 summarized by Synth Anatomy including a hidden sale on U-he products

The Synth Anatomy plugin deals list for Black Friday has almost 300 entries. You can quickly lose track of things. Even if Black Friday is already over, many deals are also available over the weekend and longer.

I’ve highlighted the best and most interesting Synthesizer plugin deals for you that can be done on Balck Friday. Big, but also many indie developers made it to the article. There is no order, it’s just a simple listening of my highlights.

Synthesizer plugin deals black friday

UVI Falcon

Already in version 2, Falcon is an exceptionally powerful Synthesizer workstation plugin with 16 oscillator types (VA, FM, granular, multi-samples…), 90+ effects, advanced modulators, scripting options… Plus you can expand it with umpteen libraries.

With the ability to layering sounds, the doors for sound designers to complex, evolving sounds are open. Now available for 244€/$ instead of 349€/$ (30% OFF) + a free 100€ coupon until November 30th, 2021.

UVI Falcon 2 Synthesizer Plugin Deals Black Friday

Applied Acoustics System (AAS)

The plugins from Applied Acoustics System (AAS), creators of the epic Tassman 4 (2004) offer physical modeling synthesis at a high level. A highlight Chromaphone 3, a sound design dream for acoustic, electronic, and unusual synthesized drum and percussive sounds.

Not to forget the new modular synth plugin Multiphonics CV-1 that comes with a wide selection of polished modules and a straightforward, color-coded user interface. Up to 60% OFF until November 30th, 2021.

AAS Synthesizer Plugin Deals Black Friday

Native Instruments Reaktor 6

Reaktor 6 is a veteran of software modular synthesis. In 2021 it has strong competition with VCV Rack, Voltage Modular, Multiphonics CV-1…  But Reaktor is more than a patchable Eurorack-style Synthesizer. It is a complete synthesis kit with which you can design your own instruments, effects, modules and advanced MIDI processors.

Those who want it easy can dive deep into the epic Reaktor user library with 4000+ ensembles that are packed with powerful synths, samplers, effects, and more. You can buy R6 for € 99.50 (50% OFF) until December 6th, 2021. The user library alone is worth the price.

Parawave-Audio Rapid

Sylenth1, Serum, Massive X… all popular Synthesizer plugins in the electronic music producer community. Yes, there are almost mainstream. In the past few years, a Synthesizer plugin has evolved from a newcomer into an insider tip.

Rapid from the German developer Parawave Audio is a multi-engine synth at its best. Morphable wavetables, multi-samples support, granular synthesis, phase & ring modulation, filters, deep modulations, effects, and more. With its tidy, easy-to-use interface and umpteen of high-quality patches, it can keep up with the great classics. Until December 2nd, you can save 45% OFF.

Parawave Audio Rapid

Lennar Digital Sylenth1

I can only say here, an all-time classic virtual analog synth. Even if Serum is superior in many areas, Sylenth1 by Lennar Digital is one of the most popular and most widely used Synthesizer plugins in music production.

During the Black Friday event, you can save 25% OFF in the official LD webshop using the code BLFR2021. The offer is valid until November 30, 2021.

flagship synthesizer plugin deals

Arturia V Colllection 8

The Arturia V Collection 8 gets bigger and bigger with each new version. Not only is the number of plugins increasing, the already contained ones are always updated with new engines, features, sounds, and more. The V Collection is the bundle when it comes to emulation. Here you get the full dose of vintage sound for your DAW.

In the meantime, we are at the V Collection 8 with 28 plugins including four new plugins (EMU Emulator II, Moog Vocoder, Juno-60) and major updates for older plugins. For Black Friday, you can save 50% OFF on the VC8 bundle.

If you already have other Arturia products you can save even more. Simply log into the user account and even save 60% and more. This offer is valid until December 8th, 2021.

Arturia V Collection 8

Arturia Pigments

Let’s stay with Arturia for a moment. They landed a big hit with the Pigments 3 Synthesizer. Debuted as a wavetable/VA synth, the virtual instrument has been transformed into a multi-engine plugin through constant free updates.

Its well-thought-out color-coded user interface and the many deep creative features make Pigments one of the most modern software synths on the market. Hard to miss the French answer to Massive, Sylenth1, Serum. It’s now available with a 50% OFF discount until December 8th, 2021.

flagship synthesizer plugin deals

Martinic AX73

One of the most special analog synthesizers of the 80s was the AX73. It was Akai’s answer to the legendary Juno with a single DCO per voice, filter with lowpass and highpass, ADSR envelope, LFO … This year we got a great emulation of this vintage instrument from Martinic.

With a drilled out engine with two layers with two oscillators each, more performance options, new effects … the AX73 is not just a software replica. It’s a big further development of this non-classic from the past. If you want the character of the Akai AX73 in your sound arsenal, you shouldn’t miss the Martinic BF sale.

For a limited time, you can save 40% OFF on all plugins on the official website including AX73 (58,80€). 


Cherry Audio Plugins

The Arturia V Collection 8 is too expensive for you? Then take a look at the plugins from Cherry Audio. The US-based developer has published many high-quality Synthesizer emulations for ridiculously low prices in the past few years. Only recently devote the developer the iconic ARP Quadra a software version.

You can get them even cheaper at the end-of-year sale. Prices start at €20 for the ARP 2600 or Juno-106 emulations. For €5 more there is an Oberheim Eight Voice or Korg MS-20 in software. These are small prices that you cannot deny. If you want everything, you can also get a bundle with all Cherry Audio plugins.

The Voltage Modular, the fiercest competitor to VCV Rack, cannot be overlooked either. The special offer is valid until January 2nd, 2022.

Cherry Audio Synthesizer plugins

U-he, The Hidden Sale

Wait, there’s a U-he Black Friday sale? Yes, but it is hidden. To benefit from it, you have to take a survey. Afterward, you will receive a 25% discount on your next purchase in the U-he web store.

In the case, you are not yet sure what you want to buy with this coupon, you should know that a free update for the MFM2 feedback machine plugin is in the pipeline. A release is planned for this year. And according to Urs Heckmann, the MFM2 will become more expensive with the release of the new version.

So the perfect moment to buy the MFM2 with a discount. The U-he coupon is valid until noon (CET) on December 7th, 2021.

U-he Synthesizer plugins


Waldorf, one of the most famous synth companies. Officially, they don’t do a BF or CM sale this year. However, Audio Plugin Deals, an official retailer of Waldorf software has smashed down the prices during the BF.

Until November 30th (6:59 AM (CET)), you can save up to 83% OFF on the Largo, Nave, PPG Wave 3.V, and Lector vocoder plugins.

Waldorf synthesizer plugins

TAL-Software Plugins

TAL-Software is a small developer studio from Switzerland that creates very fine, high-quality Synthesizer, sampler, and effects plugins. And all at very fair prices. Roland synthesizers are his great love. It also shows this in its plugins.

Patrick Kunz’s emulations of the SH-101 (BassLine 101) and the Juno-60 (U-NO-LX) are not only my all-time favorites but also many others. With his latest plugin the J-8 (Roland Jupiter-8) he showed again his great talent for very authentic soft replicas. And during BF you can save 20% on all of its plugins.

This special offer is valid on the official website and Plugin Boutique until November 29th, 2021.

TAL-Software plugins

Madrona Labs

Once more into the world of indie Synthesizer plugins. One of my favorite here is Madrona Labs. The plugins that are developed by Randy Jones are special in many ways. Interfaces that speak a very special language. Unique, cozy, and intuitive. No uniformity.

The Madrona Labs plugins also sound experimental, organic, and rich. Aalto, heavily inspired by Buchla synths, is a beautiful, organic-sounding Synthesizer that enriches every sound arsenal. A must-have for experimental musicians. The same applies for Kaivo which pairs a granular sampler with physical modeling.

For a limited time, you can save 30% OFF on all plugins. The discounts are applied at checkout. Definitely one of the more extraordinary developers in this best Synthesizer plugin deals for Black Friday weekend article.

Madrona Labs plugins

Reason 12 Rack Plugin

Not a Synthesizer plugin per se, but a modular sound studio. With the introduction of the Rack Plugin, the Reason DAW has been transformed into a modular, patchable synth plugin.

Classics like the Thor, Subtractor, Malström, or new developments like Europa or Complex-1 can now be used in every DAW. And there are Reason 12 deals for buyers and loaners. At Thomann, you can the full version of Reason 12 for 349€ (reg. 499€) or on Reason Studios the 12-month subscription of R12 with tons of bonus content for $99 USD instead of $199 USD. This offer is valid until November 29th, 2021.

Reason 12 rack

KV331 Audio Plugins

The plugins from KV331 Audio should not be missing from this list. Mainly because they offer a lot for a very fair price. If you are more on the budget, you should take a look at SynthMaster. This is a dual-layer Synthesizer with many oscillator power (wavetable, vector, VA…), multi-samples/SFZ support, tons of filters, advanced modulators, and more.

A power horse of a Synthesizer plugin for only 32 € during the Black Friday weekend. And for ten bucks more, you can spice up the deal with its little but not less exciting brother Synthmaster One which is an inexpensive alternative to Serum and Massive X. The deals are valid until November 30th, 2021.

Synthmaster 2.9.9

This Black Friday Synthesizer plugin deals article has something for every budget. I hope I could show you some highlights. And all other Black Friday plugin deals besides synthesizers, you can find here.

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