Black Friday Hardware Music Tech Deals 2021 incl. synths, drum machines, effects & more

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Summary of all Black Friday Deals 2021 on music tech hardware incl synthesizers, drum machines, Eurorack modules, studio equipment, and more. 

Deals, deals, deals, discounts lurk everywhere at this time. Mostly on software? Nope, you can get good deals on hardware instruments including synths, drum machines, Eurorack modules, and more.

The start was made by Sweetwater from the US with the first very tempting Synthesizer and music tech deals.

Black Friday Deals Hardware synths

The SYNTH ANATOMY website helps you to see through the discount jungle. In such wild times, there is a high risk that you only look at the percentages and not at the dealer. Don’t pay attention and you’ve bought something at a fake shop.

To protect you from these websites, I summarize the best and legal Black Friday deals on hardware synthesizers & music tech from trustable partner and non-partner shops. Further, I categorized them in name, discount, types, and shop offering you a convenient source to find the perfect deal.

The list will be updated on a daily basis. So stay tuned. (Update 24/11/2021)

Black Friday Hardware Music Tech Deals 2021

Behringer DJX75023% OFFDJSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
Behringer DDM4000
31% OFFDJSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
Behringer 960 module6% OFFSynthesizerSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
Behringer 914 module18% OFFSynthesizerSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
Behringer Poly D35% OFFSynthesizerSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
Behringer TD-3 Yellow40% OFFSynthesizerSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
TC Electronic Guitar Accessory45% OFF (Up To)Guitar AccessorySweetwater (US)01/01/2022
TC Electronic DittoPls33% OFFGuitar PedalsSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
TC Electronic DittoLooper21% OFFGuitar PedalsSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
TC Electronic Flashback2X432% OFFGuitar PedalsSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
TC Electronic Flashback2Mini36% OFFGuitar PedalsSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
TC Electronic PlethoraX527% OFFGuitar PedalsSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
TC Electronic HarmonyV10025% OFFGuitar PedalsSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
Midas HUB428% OFFStudio EquipmentSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
TC Electronic ClarityMST40% OFFStudio EquipmentSweetwater (US)01/01/2022
Slate Digital VMS ML-138,87% OFFMicrophoneThomann

Moog Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Kit with CV Expansion Board25,13% OFFSynthesizersSweetwater01/01/2022
Kurzweil Forte Synthesizer20% OFFSynthesizersSweetwater01/01/2022
Akai LPK25, Alesis Q88mk2, & Alesis V25 Keyboard Controllers18,35% OFFMIDI ControllersSweetwater01/01/2022
Behringer Guitar Pedals (Selected) 24,04% OFFGuitar PedalsSweetwater01/01/2022
RME 12Mic 12-channel Network Controllable Microphone Preamp20% OFFStudio EquipmentSweetwater01/01/2022
Softube Console 1FREE British Class AStudio EquipmentThomann

Softube Console 1 FaderFREE American Class AStudio EquipmentThomann

TC Helicon GO Interfaces50% OFF (Up To)Audio InterfacesSweetwater01/01/2022
Boss Pocket GT Guitar Multi-FX20% OFFGuitar PedalsSweetwater01/01/2022
Klark Teknik 3rd Dimension59,17% OFFStudio EquipmentSweetwater01/01/2022
Moog Subharmonicon 7,52% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2022
SOMA Ornament-89,31% OFFSequencerThomann29/11/2021
Behringer RD-6-TG29,29% OFFDrum MachinesThomann29/11/2021
Viscount Physis Piano K4 EX13,94% OFFE-PianoThomann29/11/2021
Korg Nautilus 615,13% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Behringer WASP Deluxe23,87% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Behringer Monopoly14,73% OFFSynthesizersSynthesizers29/11/2021
Korg Monotron Duo10,2% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Roland Aerophone AE-1012,84% OFFWind InstrumentThomann29/11/2021
Otamatone Deluxe Black 11,69% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Desktop
8,27% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Korg Monotron Delay10,2 % OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Korg XE20SP 12,01% OFE-PianoThomann29/11/2021
Polyend Tracker AE Bogdan Raczynski 28,76% OFFGrooveboxesThomann29/11/2021
Roland TR-0610,55% OFFDrum MachinesThomann29/11/2021
M-Audio Oxygen 25 Mk412,66% OFFMIDI ControllersThomann29/11/2021
Behringer Pro-120,08% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Steinberg UR22 Mk2 Recording Pack Elements 13,09% OFFAudio InterfacesThomann29/11/2021
Roland A-49 Black16,76% OFFMIDI ControllersThomann29/11/2021
IK Multimedia Uno Synth18.87% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Presonus Microstation13,95% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
Pearl EM1 Malletstation13,14% OFFMIDI ControllersThomann29/11/2021
Zoom PodTrak P810,36% OFFPodcasting & StreamingThomann29/11/2021
ART TubeOpto 814,29% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
TC-Helicon GO Guitar 32,27% OFFAudio InterfacesThomann29/11/2021
Headrush MX511,02% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC-Helicon Go Solo25,32% OFFAudio InterfacesThomann29/11/2021
Mikme Pocket10,87% OFFMicrophonesThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic TC8210-DT39,8% OFFMIDI Controllers + PluginThomann29/11/2021
ART Pro Channel II15,91% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
TC-Helicon Go Twin 25,32% OFFAudio InterfacesThomann29/11/2021
Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Creator US-42B17,83% OFFPodcasting & StreamingThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic TC1210-DT 39,8% OFFMIDI Controllers + PluginThomann29/11/2021
Zoom V610,51% OFFAudio ProcessorThomann29/11/2021
Thomann Cyberweek60% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers
Drum Machines
Guitar Pedals
Gator G-BUS-8 Multi Power Supply35,12% OFFGuitar AccessoriesThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper 31,01% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Hypergravitiy Mini38,1% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic PolyTune Chipe Tune 23,08% OFFGuitar AccessoriesThomann29/11/2021
Joyo TC-1 Tone Chain 22,22% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Nux MG-3025,75% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Sub’N’UP Mini Octaver28,99% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay29,38% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Valeton Dapper Mini 4 Effect Strip24,68% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Nux Loop Core 22,73% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Grand Magus Distortion44,12% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Boss Pocket GT Guitar Multi-FX16,74% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
T-Rex Diva Drive14,71% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
ToneWoodAmp Multieffekt for Acousticguitar 13,91% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Valeton GP-100VT30,19% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Radial Engineering Tonebone PZ-PRE V213,42% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Teleport GLR48,19% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
TC Electronic Teleport GLT48,19% OFFStudio EquipmentThomann29/11/2021
XVive Mike 28,57% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
EB Metal Drive II33,9% OFFGuitar PedalsThomann29/11/2021
Korg NC-Q1 Black Noise-Cancelling Headphones48% OFFHeadphonesThomann29/11/2021
Sennheiser XSW 1-835 E-Band Vocal Set35% OFFMicrophonesThomann29/11/2021
1010 Music TRS Patch Cable - 30CM19% OFFStudio EquipmentPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
2hp modules (Grain, Sequencer...)20% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
3DWaves Stands & Hangers20% OFF (Up To)Studio EquipmentPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Abstract Data ADE-60 4x4 Mix Utility13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Abyss Devices 3U to 1U Adapter25% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
AC Noises Respira Shimmer Reverb + Tremolo Pedal13% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Acid Rain Technology Maestro Performance CV Generator13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
ADAC System modules (Stochastic...)13% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Adventure Audio 15% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
After Later Audio16% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Aion Modular20% OFF (Up To)SynthesizersPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Alex Grahm20% OFF (Up To)BooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
ALM Busy Circuits15% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
ART28% OFF (Up To)Studio EquipmentPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Audient IiD22 & iD44 Audio Interface15% OFF (Up To)Studio EquipmentPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
BASTL Instruments13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Befaco20% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
BJOOKS Pedal Crush & Push Turn Move13% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Benidub DS71 Synthesizer & Filtro Dekstop Filter20% OFF (Up To)SynthesizersPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Perfect Circuit Black Friday Sale40% OFF (Up To)
Guitar Pedals
Perfect Circuit29/11/2021
Perfect Circuit Black Friday Sale10% OFF non-sale products: use code circuit10Synthesizers
Guitar Pedals
Perfect Circuit29/11/2021
Blood Cells Audio D.O.MIXX 5-Channel Mixer15% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Blue Lantern modules20% OFF EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Blue Microphones 25% OFF (Up To)MicrophonesPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Brent Edstrom Arduino for Musicians12% OFFBookPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Caroline Guitar CompanyMétéore & Megabyte25% OFF (Up To)Guitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Cathy van Eck Between Air and Electricity: Microphones and Loudspeakers as Musical Instruments12% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Charles Fairchild Sounds, Screens, Speakers : An Intro to Music and Media20% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Christoph Cox & Daniel Warner Audio Culture : Readings in Modern Music14% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Circuit Happy The Missing Link Desktop Clock Generator12% OFFStudio EquipmentPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Cloud Microphones 20% OFFMicrophonesPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Collision Devices The Ranch Boost + Drive + Tremolo Pedal16% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit 29/11/2021
Crank Sturgeon Tiny Bite Contact Mic13% OFFMicrophonesPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Crumar Mojo Classic Digital Tonewheel Organ15% OFFKeyboardPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Crumar Eleven Adapter for Leslie Speakers20% OFFAccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Curtis Roads Microsound - Paperback16% OFFBookPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Dato DUO Synthesizer for Two12% OFFSynthesizersPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
dbx BFS15% OFFStudio EquipmentPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Douglas Self Electronics for Vinyl14% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Eilon Paz Vintage & Rarities : 333 Cool, Crazy and Hard to Find Guitar Pedal20% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Elby Designs ED721 Super Psycho LFO Expansion40% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Electrosmith 2164 VCA13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Electrosmith PWR Eurorack Power Supply Module13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Enjoy Electronics Reminder Delay + Filter + Reverb12% OFFGuitar PedalPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Entrospec Iungo Polyphonic MIDI Sequencer40% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Eowave Black Friday Sale20% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Friday Sale21% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Eurodesk-Z16% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Extralife Instruments Super Sixteen (Silver)20% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Frequency Central System X Oscillator40% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Gator BFS44% OFF (Up To)AccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Grayscale BFS (Supercell...) 13% OFF (Up To) EurorackPerfect Circuit 29/11/2021
Heritage Audio BFS25% OFFStudio EquipmentPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Hikari Instruments15% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Hypersynth BFS25% OFFAccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Instruments of Things 2.4 Sink Module Wireless Data Interface15% OFF (Up To)EuroackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
James Cigler Patch TCG - Volume One12% OFFGamePerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Jesse Dean Designs JDDX2R Portable Skratch Fader (Solid Black)15% OFFAccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Jim Aikin Power Tools for Synthesizer Programming13% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
JMT Synth Black Friday Sale25% OFF (Up To)SynthesizersPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Jolin Lab BFS15% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Joranalogue13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Joué25% OFFMIDI ControllerPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Kenton13% OFFAccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Klavis 12% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Kodamo13% OFFSynthesizersPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Koma Elektronik13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
La 67 MACA Analog Multi-mode Filter15% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
LastGasp Art Laboratories20% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Livestock Electronics13% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Magus Instrumentalis20% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Malekko Heavy Industry25% OFF (Up To)Synthesizers
Guitar Pedals
Perfect Circuit29/11/2021
MarkT Modular Attenuate Eurorack Blank Panel - 6HP18% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Mastro Valvola40% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Materia18% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Metabolic Devices Moonwalker Envelope Generator16% OFFMusic Video Games : Performance, Politics, and PlayPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Michael Austin Music Video Games : Performance, Politics, and Play20% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Modbang20% OFF (Up To)AccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Mode Machines40% OFFAccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Mosaic25% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Mixfader Mixfader Crossfader 20% OFFDJPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Mystic Circuits17% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
NANO Modules15% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Neuzeit Instruments Orbit Bitcrusher + Harmonizer13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
New Systems Instruments VCA & Quad Mid Side Quadraphonic Processor25% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Noise Engineering BFS16% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Noise Lab25% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
North Coast Synthesis MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF15% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
OTO Machines BAM Space Generator Reverb16% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Patching Panda modules16% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-208 Eurorack Travel Case12% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Qu-Bit Electronix modules13% OFF (UP To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Radial Engineering Bones Hollywood Dual Distortion Pedal40% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Random Source modules13% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Red Witch Famulus Overdrive Pedal40% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
René-Pierre Bardet 200 Drum Machine Patterns13% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Rick Snoman Dance Music Manual16% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Ricky Tinez MIDI Dad Hat14 %AccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Ritual Electronics13% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
RYK Modular M185 Sequencer13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Sam McGuire & Nathan van der Rest The Musical Art of Synthesis12% OFFBookPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
sE Electronics25% OFF (Up To)Studio EquipmentPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Second Sound UniSyn Pitch Tracking Synth Pedal12% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Soundforce13% OFFEurorack
MIDI Controllers
Perfect Circuit29/11/2021
Source Audio pedals25% OFFGuitar PedalsPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Starling40% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Super Synthesis25% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Suzuki Q-Chord12% OFFSynthesizersPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Tall Dog Electronics25% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Tenderfoot Electronics25% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Tesseract Modular20% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
The Little Book of Synths27% OFFAccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Thom Holmes Electronic and Experimental Music: Technology, Music, and Culture20% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Truetone20% OFF (Up To)AccessoryPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Tubbutec 25% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
V.J. Manzo + Will Kuhn Interactive Composition: Strategies Using Ableton Live and Max for Live20% OFFBooksPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Velectronic A-Envelope Quad ADSR13% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
VoicAs 2^4^8 Mk2 Eight-Channel VCA & Reduxer Bit Reducer15% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Winterbloom Castor and Pollux Juno-Style Dual Oscillator15% OFFEurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
XAOC Devices20% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Xodes PV44 Preset Voltages25% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Zlob Modular20% OFF (Up To)EurorackPerfect Circuit29/11/2021
Novation Circuit Rhythm25% OFFGrooveboxesThomann

Korg Volca FM24,46% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Noise Engineering effects & utilities15% OFF
EurorackNoise Engineering28/11/2021
IO Instruments Eurorack Bundle Deals21% OFF (Up To)
Behringer TD-3-RD20% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Roland Fantom 714,45% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
XOR Electronics (starting 26/11) 25% OFF
Code: BF2021
EurorackXOR Electronics29/11/2021
Roland Fantom 714% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Korg NTS-120% OFFSynthesizersSynthesizers29/11/2021
Uwyn Knobotron & CableCube20% OFFAccessoryUwyn30/11/2021
Frequency Central 12,5% OFF
EurorackFrequency Central28/11/2021
Dato DUO Synthesizer30€ discountSynthesizersDato Musical Instruments-
Producertools Bi-color LED patch cables20% OFF
Dreadbox BFS20% OFF storewide
Code: BLACK20
Doepfer A-100BS2 LC9 Case PSU37,32% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Yamaha Montage 6 White11,4% OFFSynthesizersThomann29/11/2021
Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythm11,02% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Behringer 994 Multiples 23,33% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Exploding Shed Black Löt Day10% OFF
100€+ purchase
Exploding Shed27/11/2021
ADDAC 603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter14,32% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Behringer 921A Oscillator Driver14,13% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Mutable Instruments Shades (2020)14,14% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Intellijel Designs Multi-FX 1U14,39% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO9,51% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Sequencer19,03% OFFEurorackEurorack29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black BBD16,44% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Double Bass19,59% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Polyend Tracker16,7% OFFGrooveboxesThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Dual ASR EG20,1% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Filter Coupler19,39% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black High Pass VCF21,35% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Joystick 219,18% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Low Pass VCF19,54% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black LPG20,2% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black MIDI-CV V218,01% OFFEurorackMusictore.com29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Multi20,45% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black OCTASOURCE21,04% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Output Module v220,13% OFFEurorackEurorack29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Polivoks VCF v220,2% OFFEurorackEurorack29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Quad VCA V220,6% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Ring XFade22,78% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Spring Reverb20,06% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay20,11% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Stereo Mixer V323,4% OFFEurorackMusicstore.com29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black VCO220,38% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 219,81% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Multimode VCF20,71% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Dual EG/LFO21,91% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Black Code Source Expander19,12% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Eurorack Alu Travel Case PSU21,05% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021
Erica Synths Plasma Drive21,04% OFFEurorackThomann29/11/2021


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