GForce Software releases Alex Ball expansion pack for M-Tron Pro & Black Friday Sale

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GForce Software has released a new expansion pack for the M-Tron Pro plugin in collaboration with YouTuber Alex Ball & launched its Black Friday Sale. 

You can see more and more collaboration between YouTubers and companies on new products. One of the best known in the software industry are the latest plugin releases from AudioThing and electronic musician Hainbach.

Now the British musician and YouTuber Alex Ball has teamed up with a software company. More precisely with G-Force Software.

GForce Software Black Friday

GForce Software Alex Ball Expansion Pack For M-Tron Pro

GForce Software, the company of Dave Spiers and Alex Ball did not work together on a plugin but on a new expansion pack for the M-Tron Pro. This is a very authentic software version of the legendary Mellotron. They use both modern and traditional Streetly Electronics Tron-based technologies to create this new library.

It comes with 27 carefully curated tape banks that include a wide range of sounds: Double Bass, Electronic Bass, Balalaika, Banjo, Baritone Acoustic, Nylon Guitar, Tremolo Guitar, Ukulele, and Baritone Electric. As well as Twang Guitar, Piano, Clavinet, System 100M, Violins Pizz, Violas Pizz, Violins Bow, Voice Spectra. Each tape bank has 35 notes giving you enough playability. Alongside the sample content, the library ships with over 150 new presets that complement the pack.

Black Friday Sale

Besides the new Alex Ball expansion pack for M-Tron Pro, GForce Software also announced a big Black Friday sale with discounts up to 75% OFF. You can save for example 50% OFF on M-Tron Pro, Imposcar 2, Oddity 2, or 75% OFF on GForce Software’s Minimoog emulation Minimonsta.

A very lovely library in my opinion with a lot of great sounds. And everyone who wants to buy the Gforce software plugins cheaper now is the perfect moment.

More information here: GForce Software

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