Gotharman’s is working on a compact modular Synthesizer called Urano

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Gotharman’s from Denmark shares a preview of its upcoming Urano, a new portable modular Synthesizer with a touch interface and patch points. 

We love talking about synthesizers. Company names like Roland, Yamaha, Korg, etc. often pop up. Logically, they play a big part in making the synthesizer market so big today. In this whole big player game, however, one must not forget the small manufacturers who make synthesizers by hand in their garages.

One of them is Gotharman’s from Denmark, who has released very unique instruments over the past few years. Often with engines with analog and digital technology.

Gotharmans Urano

Gotharman’s Urano

Gotharman’s latest project is called Urano and is a modular synthesizer in a compact box. Not visible from the outside but Urano uses a deep virtual modular engine. All details are not yet known but some of them can be seen in a new video. As in a classic modular synth, you can arrange modules here as you like.

On the interface, we can see that it has 8 parts that can be reached with the 8 shortcut buttons. The signal chain includes OSC, DGF, VCF, VCA, EFX, ENV, LFO, and outputs. Everything is known, only DGF is still a secret. Maybe this is a special oscillator or unique filter. It seems like a hybrid engine is in use because you only have an analog filter, for example on the first four channels. You can also see buttons on the left with which you can control the built-in sequencer.

The device is operated via a touch display and knobs on the left. Similar to the SpazeDrum or Little deFormer 3. There are also patch points that are inputs and outputs for audio, trigger, and CV. Since there are so many triggers ins/outs, there will probably be a lot of percussive elements. Maybe some of the drum models from the SpazeDrum as a module.

One thing is certain at this point: Urano is still fully in development. We’ll see which features are included afterward. I will stay tuned for you and will report when there is something new. The developer has talent and I am sure that the synth will be just as exciting as other synthesizers he has released.

More information will follow here: Gotharman’s

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