Arturia RackBrute Review – Solid, Stylish & Affordable Eurorack Cases

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ARTURIA has shown with its new RackBrute series that even affordable Eurorack cases can look solid and beautiful!

If you want to start with Eurorack Synthesizer, then the case purchase is the first thing to do. It’s like building your own gaming computer, everything starts with the case. This looks less colourful in the Euroack world but has the advantage that you can make music with the cables. To be honest, Eurorack cases have never been so cheap. If you want to save some money so musicians probably decide for building their own DIY case or for Doepfer cases because they are solid and inexpensive.

At this year’s NAMM show there was interesting competition to see from France for the Doeper cases. Arturia presented in January the RackBrutes, a new range of affordable Eurorack cases with a built-in power supply. I had the chance to check out the RackBrute 3U since the NAMM show and can already say that the designers make a good job here!


Axel Hartmann, known for the Alesis Andromeda or Waldorf Synthesizer was mostly responsible for the design. Both parties (Arturia & Axel) decided on an grey aluminium and wood look for the RackBrute lineup. In my opinion, the cases look very stylish and solid. The whole thing complements nicely with the new MiniBrute 2 Synthesizers and fits together visually well. Arturia has shown here that cheap cases can also look modern and beautiful.

I’m very satisfied with the build quality so far. For a price of 259€ in Europe, the case feels very solid and high quality. So it’s also a perfect companion for travelling, on music stages or cozy modular evenings among friends.

Modular Positioning With The Arturia Link System

The case was complemented by the newly developed Link system. Not to be confused with the Ableton Link system. Here are on the left and right side attachments so you can change the positioning of the RackBrutes.

The most exciting thing abut the system is that you can simply connect the RackBrutes with the new MiniBrute 2 & 2S. Both parts are simply hit on the sides with two red screws. In my opinion, a new concept in the modular world that has not yet been used by any company and what cleverly combines both worlds.

There is a small cosmetic criticism on the system. At the lower part of the aluminium fasteners are rubber cross mills. These unfortunately always dissolve and are not fixed. My test unit is a pre-production unit, so it may have been fixed in the final version.

Enough Power For Your Modules

Arturia supplies the RackBrute 3U with a +12V/-12/+5V power supply that delivers enough power for your modules. Even though the power supply provides a lot of power (800mA + 12V output, 800mA -12V output and 900mA + 5V output), the team has managed to incorporate a module that has a low noise flow which is an important point in the Eurorack world today. On top, it’s possible to access to another 800mA on both +12 and -12 by plugging a flying bus board on the available connector at the back of the power module. For most use cases, one row of 800mA must be enough to power all your modules in the 3U. In case if user encouters noise or some strange behaviours when using power-hungry modules, it possible to use the extra power on the spare connection. Both circuits are isolated to prevent noise.

What I personally do not like is that the developers decided here for a module solution. I prefer power supplies that are built-in because they leave a more solid impression, such as Doepfer cases. Since a case already looks like a huge wiring harness, you as musician don’t want to take care of the power cable while patching. Unfortunately that bothers here. Also, a built-in power supply allows more space for modules in both cases (3U & 6U). That would be a good innovation for a further development of this Case series.

Video Review


Arturia shows that cheap and solid cases can be also stylish. The RackBrutes are in my opinion an enrichment to the Eurorack market which is growing every day. They offer musicians with a lower budget the chance to discover this exciting world in an affordable way. In one were to opt for an internal power supply for the next generation, it would be perfect in my opinion. Nonetheless, any musician who wants to start with Eurorack and has only a limited budget, should look at the cases of Arturia.


  • modern cases
  • high processing quality
  • solid and noiseless power supply
  • position possibility & MiniBrute 2 & 2S integration with the new Arturia Link system


  • Rubber attachments on the aluminium side parts


  • Module solution for the power supply

The ARTURIA Rackbrute 3U is now available for 259€ and the 6U for 359€ from any retailer

More information here: ARTURIA 

Available here: 

Rackbrute 3U 

Rackbrute 6U 

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