Weston Precision Audio PA0, a phase animated oscillator for Eurorack

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Weston Precision Audio shows us PA0, a new oscillator for Eurorack with built-in phase animation for more harmonic content in the waveforms

West Precision Audio is a young company developing exciting Eurorack modules. Above all, they stand out with their wasp-style designs. Black faceplate with yellow/white knob. A mix of colors that I like a lot.

Today Weston introduced a new oscillator with a unique feature set.

Weston Precision Audio PA0

Weston Precision Audio PA0

PA0 is a new voltage-controlled oscillator with 18HP for Eurorack. However, it’s not a basic oscillator. It uses a triangle core design that is spiced up with an additional triangle phase animator circuit. It offers you adjustable phase lag from 0 to 180 degrees and everything under/over gives you additional harmonics. You can also lock the phase difference of 90 degrees (quadrature). A

The oscillator also provides through-zero line phase modulation (PM), linear and exponential FM, all controllable with potentiometers from the panel. Hard and soft sync is also available. Then, on the connection side, you have 8 primary outputs (1 regular/1 copy) and several more unique waves including sub-octave square, PWM, and MW wave. PWM is available through the phase modulation system.

An interesting oscillator with a refreshing concept. I really like the black/yellow panels from Weston. In the sound demo, the oscillator sounds very solid.

Weston Precision Audio PA0 is available now as a pre-build module for $320 USD.

More information here: Weston Precision Audio

Weston modules are available at our partner


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