Coralie Ehinger (Therminal C) On How To Use A Theremin With A Eurorack Synthesizer!

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Coralie Ehinger better known as Therminal C showed at Zurich Modular how to use a classic Moog Theremin with an Eurorack Synthesizer system.

Last weekend in Switzerland, the Zurich Modular took place for three days, an event where musicians can discover the world of modular Synthesizers. In addition to small but fine Synthesizer exhibition, various concerts held on all three days. On Saturday evening, I had the opportunity to interview Coralie Ehinger and to talk about her current more special Synthesizer live rig.

A Synthesizer Rig That Connects The Past & The Future Technology

The setup of Coralie (Therminal C) consists not only of an modern Eurorack Synthesizer but also of a classic Moog Music Theremin. Exciting here is that she not only uses this unique instrument to generate sounds, but also as a kind of controller. For this she uses a Eurorack module called Thereminator by WaveLicker.

What Is The Thereminator?

Thereminator translates CV input from a theremin into up to 3 different gate and trigger signals. Each gate/trigger can be tuned to a different CV threshold and stored. Triggers are fired as soon as the threshold is reached, and gates are held until the incoming CV signal drops below the designated threshold again. In the current setup, she uses a KORG Volca Sample and triggers the sounds directly from the Theremin which is the main instrument of this setup.

What is not created with the Theremin during the show, is taken from the small but portable Eurorack system. She also uses various pedals as looper, effect or to control the pitch of the theremin. To get a complete overview of the setup of Therminal C (Coralie Ehinger), check out the video just below!

Therminal C’s Synthesizer Live Rig

More information here: Therminal C 


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