UVI Falcon 2.5, free update with new effects, modulators, M1 support & more

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UVI adds to its Synthesizer workstation plugin Falcon in version 2.5 new effects, modulators, sequencers, M1 support… and all this as a free update. 

In the beginning, it was MachFive, a MOTU product, then the plugin broke out of its nest and it become a Falcon. Since then, UVI has not been working in secret on it but officially as a developer and distributor. And the mighty Falcon synth workstation has developed very positively.

UVI constantly published free updates with new features like new synthesis types, effects, modulators, and more. Today it is time again. Falcon got another big update (2.5) with lots of new features. And Apple users get M1 support.

UVI Falcon 2.5

UVI Falcon 2.5

Falcon 2.5 is a free update for its flagship synth hybrid instrument. First, it expands the effects section with two new processors. TS Overdrive is a drive-stage emulation of the famous Tube Screamer guitar pedal with custom mods. And VCF-20 is an emulation of the Korg MS-20 rev-2 filter. It includes a single, morphable HP/LP and dual-stage (discrete LP and HP) variations.

Then, you get more modulations including a smooth random generator and a multi-wave LFO. Falcon is very customizable with the script editor. Here UVI has expanded with 11 inspiring new ones. It now includes a cartesian sequencer, euclidean keys, probability arp, rain sequencer, wave sequencer, warp sequencer, MIDI record, MIDI pitch delay, MIDI monitor, note pan, and velocity test. Plus some scripts got UI updates: chord bank, chorder extended, polyphonic sequencer and more.

UVI Falcon 2.5

Besides many improvements, the new Falcon 2.5 update also ships with over 100 new presets that showcase the new features. Lastly, we get support for Apple Silicon M1 computers. Good to see.

A great update for the Falcon Synthesizer plugin. I really enjoy the new scripts in particular because they give you new ideas for advanced melodies. Either way, it’s an early Christmas present for existing Falcon users. Thanks, UVI.

UVI Falcon 2.5 and the new factory library are free downloads for existing Falcon customers through the UVI portal or the website. Falcon 2 is available now at a reduced price of $244/244€ through October 18th, 2021 (reg. $427/427€). Plus you get two free Falcon expansions on top.

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