Superbooth 21: Soundforce goes Juno all in with the uVCF 6 filter & DCO MIDI update, first look

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For Superbooth 21, Nicolas of Soundforce goes Juno all in with a MIDI update for its DCO module and a new uVCF 6 filter for Eurorack. 

For a change no new drum voice but modules that can be found in almost every system: an oscillator and filter.

Soundforce, the Dutch developer, is known to many for its lovely boutique MIDI controllers. But he has also been making great replicas of vintage designs for Eurorack. For the Superbooth 21, he is expanding his Eurorack series with a new analog filter. An oscillator gets a major update and both releases have something in common. They are derived from the Roland Juno series.

Soundforce uVCF 6 VCO

Soundforce DCO

The DCO is an oscillator for Eurorack that is based on the iconic circuits of the Juno-60/106 oscillator section. It’s not a complete clone but a modern homage with new features. It provides true analog waveforms with digital stability. The module is controllable with 10 faders inspired by vinage Roland synths and making it straightforward to operate.

The Soundforce DCO gives you two main sound sources with saw & pulse outputs, two sub-oscillators (1 octave & 2 octaves lower), and a noise generator. The built-in mixer allows you to mix them together using the faders and the MIX output jack. The pulse has manual pulse width control as well as PWM with a dedicated CV input and an attenuator. There is also FM (input + attenuator), and hard sync input.

The new updated 2021 version includes a mini-jack (either type A or type B) MIDI interface for even better tuning and allows you to avoid lossy digital -> analog -> digital conversions. Soundforce also improved the tuning with little more stability at both extremities of the VOCT range.

Soundforce uVCF 6

There’s more new stuff from the Juno Synthesizer. The uVCF6 is a 6HP filter module for Eurorack that is also based on the Roland Juno 60/106 circuits. Soundforce says it’s the little brother of the VCF/VCA 6, without the VCA and HPF section.

It features a voltage-controlled lowpass filter with 4 poles (24dB/octave) or 2 poles (12dB/octave) controllable with the cutoff and resonance pots. Both are CV controllable with the FM CV (+ attenuator) and Q CV inputs. There is also a V/oct input with which you can close the filter more or less based on the pitch of the note played by our musical CV source. At around 4 o’clock and higher, the filter can also self-oscillate nicely and played as a sine oscillator (8 octaves).

Two interesting releases from Soundforce. The DCO now with MIDI is a neat extension for this great-sounding oscillator. The uVCF 6 looks like an affordable door opener module for vintage juicy analog filtering.

Soundforce uVCF 6 will be out in November for 179€ incl. VAT (148€ outside of Europe). The new DCO version is available now for 269€ (222€ outside of Europe). Both uVCF 6 and DCO will premiere at Superbooth 21 on the Soundforce booth (Z245).

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