The Unfinished Diva Anahera, 300 new cinematic patches for u-he Diva

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The Unfinished has released Diva Anahera, two new patch libraries with in total of 300 cinematic patches for u-he Diva Synthesizer plugin.

U-he Diva is one of the best-sounding analog-modeling Synthesizer plugins. It offers several analog classic in one plugin, including emulations of the Minimoog, MS-20, and more. A plugin that can make all the classic analog bass, leads, and pads sounds.

In his two new libraries, the sound designer The Unfinished shows that Diva can do more than just classic “analog” sounds.

The Unfinished Diva Anahera

The Unfinished Diva Anahera

Diva Anahera is a new bundle with 300 patches. It consists of two individual volumes (Anahera Volume I / II) featuring 150 patches for U-he’s analog-modeling flagship Synthesizer plugin Diva.

Matt Bowdler, The Unfinished, says, “Anahera is all about using modern analog and virtual analog techniques to create cutting-edge cinematic sounds.” According to Matt, the sound is inspired by working in his studio with his hardware synth collection. Including the Moog Mother-32, Sub 37, and DFAM, the UDO Super 6, Access TI2, Roland JP8000, and ASI Impulse Command.

More “I took the hands-on, experimental techniques I’d been using with those synths and transferred them to Diva‘s bravura, analog-modelling capabilities; producing a deep and essential collection of brutal and beautiful, contemporary, cinematic analog sounds.”

The libraries give you driving, kinetic pulses, and rhythms alongside vivid and opulent textures and soundscapes.

The Unfinished Diva Anaherea is available now in two volumes: Vol I and Vol II, both priced at £19.99 +VAT. Or you can buy them in a bundle for £29.99 +VAT.

More information here: The Unfinished 

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