GuinGuin Instruments MME, a Eurorack Minimoog clone as a DIY project

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GuinGuin Instruments MME is a DIY Moog Minimoog clone / replica in Eurorack format with additional functions for soldering together

Getting the sound of the classic Moog Minimoog in hardware has become much easier in recent years. The cheapest way is the clone/replica from Behringer, which you can also screw into the Eurorack. The Roland SE-02 is not an exact replica but has the character plus many extra functions in a very compact format. The most expensive is a reissue version of the original MM for almost 3500 €.

If you prefer to solder the Minimoog and want it as a Eurorack voice module, the MME has been around for some time. GuinGuin Instruments is a French developer (Julien Delgoulet) who offers this project. Now the project is back in stock in a rev2 version.

GuinGuin Instruments MME

GuinGuin Instruments MME

The MME is a complete 60HP synth voice that is based on the circuits of the original Moog Minimoog. Thus, you get the feature set of the originals but also multiple addons. Like in the original, you get three rich-sounding oscillators, a noise generator, a mixer, a ladder filter, and two envelopes.

The MME offers major additions to the Minimoog design including VCO sync (1 -> 2,  1 -> 3), VCOs PW/PWM, CV input for each VCO, mod-wheel input as well as two envelope outputs (VCF/VCA). Interesting are the CV inputs that allow you to use the MME as a paraphonic synth. This requires a MIDI/CV/gate interface that supports para/polyphony.

Since it is a Eurorack module, there are also many patch options. You have dedicated inputs for the PWMs, VCF, VCA, and more.

There is a thread at Modwiggler about the development of the MME and the developer offers a detailed build guide here.

The MME is a nice DIY project. It sounds very authentic, offers a lot of extra functions, and looks very tempting.

GuinGuin Instruments MME is available now as a DIY project. It starts at 55€ for the PCBs, PCBs + panel set costs 120€ and with the rare parts for 145€. Happy soldering.

More information here: GuinGuin Instruments 

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  1. Guin Guin fantastic mood swings very actuating, real sense’s and natural, good solid ,and space conformity.perfect it sounds less stressed than using a moog. Nice

  2. This is outrageous! Certain things you should not — nay — CANNOT do! Moog is sacred! People’s lives are at stake! Does Behringer’s blood thirst know no boundaries?!

    Oh it’s from a company called GuinGuin? Never mind. Carry on everyone! False alarm.

    And scene. ;}

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