TUNNELS By Olympia Modular Is An Infinitely Expandable Multiple Module & Now On Kickstarter!

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Olympia Modular TUNNELS is an new Eurorack multiple module that can be expanded infinitely in outputs using the Tunnel Out modules & it’s now Kickstarter!

The fact that plugin manufacturers dare to hardware showed the last few years that this can be good: Native Instruments… But it’s new that app developers produce Eurorack modules. A logical step since many modules today run on DSP and are developed also with codes like apps. One example is Olympia Noise Co, the developers of the great Patterning 2 drum machine app which goes now hardware under the name Olympia Modular.

The company has launched today TUNNELS on Kickstarter, new Eurorack modules which looks at first glance as a classic multiplier module but at the second glance it can do more. TUNNELS is based on two modules: Tunnel In & Tunnel Out and is described as an infinite multiple that can be chained together infinitely. The Tunnel In module is a buffered multiple but can be expanded by the Tunnel Out which gives you more outputs. An interesting concept for an multiple in my opinion that allows you to duplicate many signals very easily.


TUNNELS is a new type of Eurorack utility module that allows you to duplicate and route signals across your modular synthesizer. We call it the “Infinite Multiple,” but you could also describe it as an “Inter-Panel Buffered Multiple,” or perhaps a “Mult Bus.”  

Olympia Modular TUNNELS

TUNNELS is comprised of two distinct modules : TUNNEL IN and TUNNEL OUT. The TUNNEL IN module by itself is a buffered multiple, duplicating an input signal to create multiple outputs. The TUNNEL OUT module expands the TUNNEL IN module to add additional outputs at another location in your synthesizer. TUNNEL OUT modules can be chained together infinitely to create massive buffered multiple banks or send common signals like clocks and 1v/oct signals to strategic locations in your synth.

The TUNNEL IN module has three inputs, each routed to a pair of outputs. When disconnected, the inputs are normalled to the previous input, allowing for a variety of configurations. With the first input connected it is a 1 in : 6 out multiple. Using the first two inputs makes a 1 in : 2 out multiple and a 1 in : 4 out multiple. With all three inputs connected, it acts as three 1 in : 2 out multiples.

Olympia Modular TUNNELS

The TUNNEL OUT module receives the three channels from TUNNEL IN via a TUNNEL LINK cable, adding three additional buffered outputs per channel.  With one input connected, for example, you would now have a 1 in : 15 out multiple.  Add additional TUNNEL OUT modules to expand your TUNNELS system however you see fit.

Because TUNNELS is a buffered (non-passive or powered) multiple, critical signals like 1 volt per octave control voltages are able to maintain their integrity regardless of the size of the TUNNELS system.

TUNNELS is engineered with live-patching in mind. Normalled connections between inputs are also buffered, preventing the momentary short that can happen with other multiples. This means no dropped clocks or audible glitches in modulation or pitch while working on your patch.

Olympia Modular TUNNELS is available now for pre-order for starting price of $75 USD with shipping in June 2019. A TUNNELS In & Out bundle is available for $150 USD.

More information here: Olympia Modular

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