GEOSynths Synth Show ep114: behind the Synth Anatomy scenes

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Jamie Morden aka GEOSynths is a UK-based sound designer and host of a weekly podcast Synth Show on YouTube. Last week I was a guest on Jamie’s podcast.

We did a compact Superbooth 21 round-up with the most interesting news but he also interviewed me. In this conversation, you will learn about my daily job, how I started with it, what music I make, my musical influences, and more. Probably one of the most personal talks and behind-the-scenes info you can find about me.

GEOSynths Synth Show Ep 114 Description

How Tom does what he does is a miracle, covering large events such as Superbooth, Interviewing Manufacturers, Demonstrating Synths and also running the fantastic website – Synth Anatomy – Surely there’s not enough time in the day?

Join me on Thursday evening and we’ll find out how! Tom, hailing from the beautiful City of Vienna, Austria, Tom Wies has and continues to be a highly influential journalist within Music Technology. With his ever growing website (Synth Anatomy) which he manages himself, covering all aspects of Hardware and Software, you’ll find a wide range of Reviews and up to date Videos.

You can watch Jamie’s podcast every Thursday on his YouTube channel.

More information here: GEOSynths 

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