Matt Johnson explores a “hidden analog poly synth gem”, the GS Music E7

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Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) explores in its new video the GS Music E7, an analog polyphonic multi-timbral Synthesizer from Argentina. 

In July 2021, Boutique manufacturer GS Music announced the E7, a 7-voice analog polyphonic multi-timbral desktop Synthesizer. Designed and hand-built in Argentina, the country of good red wine. Then in 2022, the official release. Now in January, it’s still a bit unknown, mainly in Europe, because you have to import the synth yourself from Argentina. There is no shop or official distributor for it in Europe.

I’ve been with Guido Salaya, the main developer, in exchange for helping to make his fantastic analog instrument more famous beyond the borders of Argentina. I am pleased that Gudio is now working with Matt Johnson of Jamiroquai, a very talented Synthesizer and keyboard player.

Matt Johnson GS Music E7

GS Music E7

The result of their partnership can now be seen on YouTube. Matt recently published a nice demo of the GS Music E7 polysynth.

Matt Johnson says in his video that the E7 may have a boring name, but it has pockets of charisma. I agree with him. E7 isn’t a name that’s going through the roof. What’s more important about a synth, however, is the sound and how it looks.

The two elements fit here. The E7 looks very vintage yet modern and elegant to me, is very hands-on, and sounds excellent. A nice analog round sound with a lot of character. The E7 is a hidden analog poly synth gem for many, and it is for me too. A synth that’s still flying under the radar at the moment, hope that changes soon.

As a reminder: The E7 is a 7-voice multi-timbral analog polsynth with two rich multi-wave oscillators with sub-oscillators, sync, PWM and clever autotuning functionality. There is also a smooth 24dB/oct ladder lowpass filter, and multimode chorus + delay to refine your sounds.

Modulation side, you get two classic ADSR envelopes, three multi-wave LFOs, and support for velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, and MPE. Not to forget, it has an interesting stereo panning with left to right or center positions. There is also a neat stereo motion option that allows you to modulate the stereo spread with an LFO.

A beautiful, classy polyphonic analog Synthesizer with lots of functionality. In case you are looking for an analog polysynth with hands-on non-endless menu-diving adventures, the E7 should be on your list.

GS Music E7 is available in three colors (blue, black, and grey) for $1600 USD + shipping + VAT + import tax.

More information here: GS Music 

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  1. Looks and sounds great! It would be cool to buy this synth from Thomann or another European distributor and have a 3-year warranty. I’m already on the risky side with the MFB Synth Pro, I only touch it with velvet gloves.

  2. “Matt” should have tagged this as a paid promotion. He has been paid by GS Music to make the video and say nice things about it. So of course he will “like” this synth.

    • And it’s also good that he made this video. Paid or not paid. The synth definitely needs more attention. The 2-person Boutique company GS Music built a great sounding poly analog Synthesizer. Matt has a significant reach with 100k+ subs on YouTube, so it’s normal for him to get paid for videos. Producing video content costs time and money and if you want to make a living from it, you have to do it, because you can’t make a living from YouTube ads alone.

      • You entirely missed the point. It’s a “paid promotion” as defined in YouTube’s TOS and he has not labelled it as such. It is misleading. The qualities of the synth and how “Matt” makes his money are irrelevant to this point.

          • You don’t care what is an ad and what is genuine user opinion? If you can’t see the difference in that then you’re doomed to eternal BS.

        • “Misleading?” Exactly how? Be specific. He talks about the specifications and the character of the synth, which we can hear for ourselves from the video.

    • Getting a synth for a review is how most reviews goes, it doesn’t mean its a paid promotion. You saying GS music paid to Matt to say nice things? are you making stuff up? where is your prof,
      You know, its not moral to blame without presenting facts.

  3. Do you really think this guy needs to make YouTube videos for a living!? It’s his just for the fun secondary income in my opinion. But who cares, the intro he created for the GS Music E7 is excellent. He obviously was inspired by the synth, otherwise it wouldn’t have been so good.

    • A touring musician like Matt who isn’t on tour right know doesn’t make any money. So he has to do something to pay his rent, food, etc. Like Jordan Rudess, who also holds products up to the camera and jams, it’s no different. It belongs to the portfolio of a well-known musician to endorse/promote instruments. And YouTube is the easiest platform for it.

  4. What a great sounding synth! I have never really paid much attention to Jamiroquai (which is hard to spell for the dyslexics among us, just saying, I thought of not mentioning them, Jamiroquai, in this comment so I didn’t have to try ro spell Jamiroquai but now Ive done it three times, so, nailed it..hahha) but I will now check them out because Matt Johnson came forth with some really sweet patches. Very cool using the drum machine as an external sound source and all the ways the LFO was implemented in mind tickling little tugs and nudges. I like the idea of modulating the stereo width. Anyway, seems like a very well designed, well laid out synth. Cheers!

  5. “a very talented Synthesizer and keyboard player”

    Are you practicing English understatement? He is an incredibly super talented keyboard player! I subscribe to his channel precisely for all the great tips he has and just to listen to him play. If I could only be 1/10th as good.

  6. So I bought this synth from a Spanish company that are the European resellers of GS Music in the EU, and they delivered it to me in Germany for 1730€. What can I say about this synth? This is my review:
    Well, this is the best sounding synthesizer I ever played. It’s full, bright, organic, direct. It sounds simply wonderful. I never heard something like this, and I have played them all. It’s the opposite of a digital. This is real. You hear every sound like under a magnifying glass, and see the electrons swing. And all the demos, including Matt’s can’t show what you can do with it, when you program it. I used a lot of PWM mod und it sounded even fuller than a GX-1. String sounds, oh my God. I honestly think this Guido Salaya must be a genius.

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