Superbooth 21: Doctron intros Martin Stimming’s Instant Mastering Chain, first look

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Superbooth 21: Doctron introduced Martin Stimming’s Instant Mastering Chain, an all-analog, compact audio processor that makes your sounds ready for the stage. 

More and more electronic musicians are playing on stage with electronic instruments. Many even DAWless. A problem that often arises: the loudness and how to get the best sound that fits the location.

The electronic musician and YouTuber Martin Stimming experience the problem again and again on tour He has now developed a product with Doctron from Germany that addresses this issue.

Doctron Martin Stimmings Instant Mastering Chain

Doctron Martin Stimming’s Instant Mastering Chain

The signal chain starts with a 2-band British EQ with low and high-shelf filters. If necessary, you can switch it to bypass using one of the red knobs on the left side. Then, you have an SSL-style VCA bus compress with an auto-release function and a switch for feed-backward and feed-forward compression style for the next section. It also offers side-chain with return and send I/O.

The next step are the Lundahl output transforms with adjustable drive and gain reduction. Stimming says that it’s the most important part in the chain. On the backside, the MS instant mastering chain has 6.3mm dual-mono, unbalanced jack connectors for the input and output. The headphone output is, however, on mini jack.

Weight was also important for Stimming. It should be compact and portable. So the device weighs just under 990 grams and measures 56 x 146 x 142,5mm. The housing is robust and made for the stage.

I am definitely the wrong person to judge whether a mastering device is good or bad. However, I really like the idea of an all-in-one mastering unit for on the go. The price is a deal-breaker for many but the idea is interesting

Doctron Martin Stimming’s instant mastering chain premiered at Superbooth 21. It is available now for 2799€ incl. VAT and international delivery. For now, the developer is accepting orders from Europe. As each of our products is crafted by hand our delivery time is usually 6-8 weeks.

More information here: Doctron

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  1. So almost 3k gets you only low and high shelf eq and a vca based comp with some extra, pretty useless in this context, features and some of the cleanest sounding trannies around with the option to drive them for tone?! Quite literally the worst choice of transformer for this purpose. The intended market is clearly those who don’t know any better.

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