Axel F drum patterns on the Digitakt? Captain Pikant has a tutorial

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YouTuber Captain Pikant has published an in-depth tutorial in which you can learn how to reproduce the legendary Axel F drum patterns with the Elektron Digitakt.

One of the aspiring YouTube music Tech stars is Captain Pikant. His content not only looks beautiful to the eye but also communicates a lot of technical knowledge and is entertaining.

In this new video release, he recreates the drum patterns of the legendary song Axel. The German composer Harold Faltermeyer wrote the song for the movie Beverly Hills Cop in 1984. A song that almost everyone knows. Captain Pikant doesn’t have an original LinnDrum for the video and yes, the LD clone from Behringer is still in development. Thus he uses Elektron Digitakt and LinnDrum samples to reproduce the legendary drum patterns of Axel F.

Axel F drum patterns Captain Pikant

Video Details

We used the Digitakt to recreate and explain the drums of the famous 1984 synth pop classic “Axel F” (better known as the title song of the “Beverly Hills Cop” movies).

Here’s what’s on the menu for this iconic drum track: LinnDrum sounds, a tom fill, delay, a kick drum with a twist and gated reverb – which we faked using only the Digitakt. But even if you don’t have a Digitakt you can definitely pick up a few useful techniques in this one.

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