Waldorf teases a new Synthesizer “welcome back, old friend” for Superbooth 21

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Waldorf Music teases with the slogan “welcome back, old friend”, will we see a new microwave Synthesizer with analog filters on Superbooth 21? 

The Superbooth 21 is just around the corner. Synth Anatomy will be there. Yes, a real synth event with real people and instruments. Not virtual event with broken sounds. And it is traditional that companies start teasing in advance what they are showing at SB 21.

Waldorf Music is starting this year with a very interesting teaser photo on Instagram.

Waldorf Superbooth 21

Waldorf “Welcome Back, Old Friend”

You see a picture. It shows a part of an interface of a possible new Synthesizer with a red button. And the photo has the title: “Welcome back, old friend“. Red button what does that remind us of? Exactly, to various popular Waldorf synthesizers from the past. Among other things, the Q or the Microwave series from 1989.

The latter was a rack wavetable Synthesizer with 8 voices that and a full analog Filter section based on the legendary Curtis chips. A forerunner of many of today’s hybrid synthesizers. It is still very much loved by many musicians today because of its unique character. For me it’s a combination of the harmonic richess of the PPG wavetables and of the analog filters that gives the sound a very punchy, warm sound. Beside the Microwave, there were also very special synths in the Q series.

If you interpret the teaser, Waldorf is probably working on a modern Synthesizer with the Q factor. Thus, on a digital wavetable core with an analog filter section. Similar to the Quantum but different. It would be exciting if it becomes a mid-range priced synth and in the format of the Modal Electronics synths.

Or Software (Plugins)

Waldorf Music also makes plugins like the Nave, Largo, PPG Wave 3.V, and others. So it can also be that they are working on an Q emulation as a plugin. Wouldn’t be bad either, but not as special as a new hardware Q. Synthesizer.

We will see what Waldorf will announce on Superbooth 21 on September 15th at the latest. Stay tuned for the full details and a first look video.

More information will follow here: Waldorf Music 

Rumours, Teasers…


  1. A red knob on a blue panel is very promising as it stands for the best in PPG/Waldorf history.

    Do it, before Behringer does!

  2. i believe its a microwave, the thing is that they have a 1 month old IG post about the design sketch where they wrote “Those were the days…”. and now the description of this IG Post is “These are the days again!”.

  3. Oh my what a beautiful god , yeah , welcome home .i missed you the first time cause loss of job,now I will jump in , can’t wait , Thanks Waldorf

  4. Also please if ye could please bring a desktop version with rack ears,also ears for Kyra too I and a lot of others have run out space for keyboards Thank you

  5. Not software, today they posted a video of them moving the big red knob, with an Octave knob visible as well as the letters for an LFO2 section. And the red knob has a Wave legend beneath

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