Superbooth 21: Error Instruments Loopman tape recorder walkman, ATARI drum voice & more

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For Superbooth 21, Error Instruments is showing the Loopman, a CV-controllable tape recorder walkman, an ATARI drum voice module & more.

The Superbooth starts next week in Berlin. Anyone looking for crazy, experimental avant-garde sound machines cannot avoid Paul Tas aka Error Instruments’ booth B070. You can find here everything except classic synthesizers. A paradise for noisemakers.

Paul of Error Instruments also presents new products at Superbooth 21. As always in limited quantities, because they are hand-made in Amsterdam.

Error Instruments Loopman

Error Instruments Loopman

With the first release, Paul brings back the vintage, warm sound of real tapes in a compact device. Loopman is a walkman that offers a tape recorder, player as well as a built-in radio. The latter can be used as a sound generator with an option to record it on tape. As we know it from our beloved radio-recorder combos.

However, it is not a flashy retro device. Paul modified it in many places making it an experimental instrument/effect, also for live performances. You can control the speed of the motor all the way till it stops. This allows you to run slower the tapes and create the well-known organic, wobbly textures. And tape stops effects are also possible. There is also a CV input and a light-sensitive sensor (LDR) to control the speed to make the sound even more gritty, and characterful.

External instruments can also be fed in via the rec input. Loopman ships with an empty tape loop with five seconds of recording time. That’s is very, very little but such limitations can also be inspiring. Great for experimenting with little sound snippets. The device runs on USB power or on two AA batteries. Plus, it has a built-in speaker. All this making it a cool mobile device.

Skull Broken Tape Simulator V2 Special Edition

There are also new Eurorack modules for Superbooth 21. Skull Broken Tape Simulator V2 as the name suggests is a tape simulation module spiced up with craziness à la Error Instruments. The module is capable of sampling up to 2 seconds and stretch sounds until it gets super lo-fi.

V2 hosts a light-sensitive sensor with which you can short-circuit your virtual lo-fi tape machine. Great for little glitches, and data bending chaos. The module is not completely new but for the SB 21, there is a special edition with a skull. It can always get noisy, and dirtier. With this module, I give you a guarantee.

Atari Punk Console Drum

Last but not least, we have the Atari Punk Console Drum, a new 6HP drum module for Eurorack. It is based on the schematic of the Atari 2600 gaming console from the 1980s. Error Instruments modified the circuit to also create percussive sounds.

The module has two parameters with dedicated CV inputs. Drum sounds can be generated using the trigger/gate input and the sound routes out at the drum output. There is also an audio jack that outputs the original Atari Punk console sound. And yes, the number of drum voices on SB 21 has increased by a very special one.

At first look, again utterly unique music tools from Error Instruments. Everything is a little crazy and strange. Don’t miss Paul Tas’ booth at Superbooth 21. It’s going to be a wild trip for sure.

First Look & Interview

I met Paul Tas of Error Instruments at Superbooth 21 for an interview and a first of its latest modules.

Error Instruments Loopman is available now for 275€, Skull Broken Tape Simulator V2 special edition for 189€, and Atari Punk Console Drum 99€. As usual,  in limited quantities. ES will exhibit at Superbooth 21 and you can visit them at booth B070.

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  1. How do they keep the capistan motors from burning out after extended use on the ERROR module? If you just deny them voltage with that big knob control, don’t they just fry after a while?

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