Superbooth 21: Embodme Erae Touch MPE MIDI controller is shipping now, first look demo

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At Superbooth 21 Embodme announced the availability of its innovative Erae Touch MPE MIDI controller with a first look demo.

With an MPE controller, you can make music much more expressively. You can experience new dimensions of note bending and expression not possible with a traditional keyboard controller. Roger Linn’s Linnstrument or the ROLI, now Luminance Seaboard, have shown that beautifully.

The young company Embodme from France has also been working on a novel MPE controller called Erae Touch for 3 years. For the Superbooth 20 Home Edition, I got a sneak peek. Now for Superbooth 21, the development has been completed and the first devices have been shipped to the Kickstarter pre-orders. I got at SB 21 a first look at the finished device.

Embodme Erae Touch Superbooth 21

Superbooth 21 Embodme Erae Touch

Erae Touch is a novel controller that features a large 21-inch touchpad with support of MPE (MIDI polyphonic expression) and MIDI 2.0. It allows you to produce every sound nuance and articulation with finger touches. It looks like a big Roli / Luminance Lightpad, but it goes far deeper. The core technology behind the Erae Touch is based on more than a thousand high-resolution force sensitive sensor coupled with a dedicated editor software.

In the Erae Lab editor, you can adapt the Erae Touch to your needs. Whether a touch surface with keys, drum pads, a sequencer, control sliders, or a colorful mix, it is up to you. You can load up to 16 templates onto the device in a matter of seconds plus 16 variations that can be recalled instantly. The navigation is also very straightforward via touch buttons on the left side.

On the connection side, you have MIDI on 3.5mm jacks as well as USB-C support. No CV or gate, so you have to work over classic MIDI if you want to use it with a modular synth. I had the opportunity to play the controller on Superbooth 21. The feeling is very special, a bit rough but very solid.  So solid that you can even trigger the drum pads with drum sticks. The ability to completely customize it is a highlight here. So every musician can have his very personal controller.

For more a detailed overview, check the video below.

Embodme Erae Touch is available now for 850€, the retail price can vary

More information here: Embodme

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