Todd Barton shares Tiptop Audio Buchla overview & sound demos

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Todd Barton accompanies the release of the new TipTop Audio Buchla Eurorack modules with an in-depth video series including overviews and sound demos.

At Superbooth 21, TipTop Audio announced an official collaboration with Buchla. In the next few years, both companies will bring the well-known Buchla 200 series into Eurorack format at very affordable prices. If you know the prices of the large modules, this step is a small revolution.

For the first time, the Buchla Sound cosmos is accessible and affordable for many musicians. Pricing starts at $199 USD for the first two modules. Both are currently being shipped to the retailers. For the release, the US-based Buchla expert Todd Barton published a large video series on YouTube where he goes into the depth of the new TipTop Audio Buchla modules including sound demos.


258t is a dual oscillator consisting of two independent oscillators. Highlight is the unique waveshaper. In oscillator 1 the waveform, you can shape from sine to saw while oscillator 2 goes from sine to square.

The 281t is a quad generator with a four-channel envelope generator with triggerable and individually CV controllable attack and decay. Plus channel offer three operation modes: transient, sustained and cyclic.

The first batch of the TipTop Audio Buchla 258t dual oscillator and 281t quad function generator is shipping now. The 258t will cost $199 USD/209€ and the 258t $210 USD/219€.

More information here: TipTop Audio 

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