sonicLAB Fundamental2 adds morphing engine, morse code modulator & more

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sonicLAB Fundamental2: Hainbach’s test equipment Synthesizer plugin expanded with a new morphing engine, morse code modulator & more.

One of the Synthesizer highlights of 2020 was Fundamental, a collaboration between Sinan Bökesoy (sonicLAB) and sound artist / YouTuber Hainbach. In this, the developer captured Hainbach’s love and passion for test equipment in a unique, expressive instrument plugin. A synth like no other to me, because it challenges musicians/sound designers with a new concept and sound.

Since this week Fundamental2 is ready, a big further development of Hainbach’s initial concept. Yes, after just a year on the market.

sonicLab Fundamental2

sonicLAB Fundamental2

In version 2, sonicLAB continues the idea of the test equipment-based Synthesizer plugin with an expanded engine with deeper sound-shaping options. The feature highlight of Funamental2 is a new morphing engine (Cosmof Saturn plugin engine) that is capable of rending audio rate transitions between parameter spaces of 4 Fundamental instances. Basically, you can seamlessly alter between four different sounds.

There is a morph pointer that can be manually or stochastically controlled. Plus you can set the morph interpolation speed and the distance settings. Even tuning scales can be gradually morphed in between. A very exciting new function that gives you three additional sound layers. The video shows this lovely new feature in action, and yes it’s very musically.

Another rich new feature is a new GEN modulation source that uses a full morse code translator. You can send it to the pitch, gain, panning, and harmonic ratio destinations. Thus each oscillator can have its unique morse code. If you listen to the demo below, you can hear that is capable of creating beautiful complex polyrhythmic patterns. A unique modulator for a unique synth.

Expanded Expressive Control

In addition to the new oscillator and modulation options, the playability of the plugin also got a major upgrade. The first version shined with the ability to play it very expressively. This has been taken to the next level in Fundamental2. You can now address the test equipment oscillators directly with multi-channel MIDI note-on messages on respective MIDI channels from your DAW tracks to perform sequences. Also new:

  • MIDI CC7 (post volume) and CC10 (panning) destinations are targeting directly each oscillator when sent on respective MIDI channels. Also the CC14 and CC15 is targeting directly the morph pointer.

Fundamental2 also introduces a revised Sensel Morph mapping to access the new morph engine. This is very tempting. Lastly, it now comes with 24 presets and a brand-new manual. It is not known whether the changes will also be included in the iOS version. But I hope so.

An update with interesting new features that fit very well into Hainbach’s Fundamental Synthesizer plugin. Above all, I can see the new morphing engine as a great added value. A bit of a shame that the update is not free to existing customers.

sonicLAB Fundamental2 is available now for 99€/116 USD as a perpetual license. Existing customers of Fundamental v1.4 users can upgrade for 20€/$23 USD. You need to request a discount code at support@sonicLAB. They will keep both v1.4 and v2.x as separate licenses.

It runs as VST3, AU, and standalone formats on macOS (incl. Apple M1) and Windows 64-bit systems. Registration requires a valid iLok account (USB dongle, iLok Cloud, or host computer).

More information here: sonicLAB 

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  1. Now that is an improvement indeed. I hope that, once the larger Wavestate with the AT keyboard is made available, we can use the editor/librarian to swap this Wavestate’s contents for those presets of the lager model that have been enhanced for aftertouch use. Of course the keyboard on the small Wavestate won’t be able to use the aftertouch capability, but external midi keyboards will.

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