Polyend Tracker 1.4, new horizontal pattern edit, new step effects & new price

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Polyend Tracker 1.4 firmware brings a classic horizontal pattern edit mode, new unique step effects, better performance modes, and a new price. 

If an already somewhat “older” product constantly receives new updates, you realize how important a product is for a manufacturer. Yes. there is also the extreme opposite.

On the very good side is the Polish company Polyend, which not only provides their hybrid Synthesizer Medusa with neat updates over the years, but also their very special Tracker groovebox. The latter just got another big free update, which raises the Tracker experience once again.

Polyend Tracker 1.4

Polyend Tracker 1.4

The special thing about Polyend’s groovebox is certainly the workflow, which first appeared on the Commodore Amiga. Unlike traditional DAWs or classic groove boxes, a tracker sequences from top to bottom. Polyend has adopted this unique concept and drilled out this idea in their Tracker groovebox.

And the developers are very passionate about the instrument. This is shown by the constant free updates that always include new features, improvements, and more. With firmware 1.4, they raised the level once again. A big highlight is a new horizontal pattern edit mode that intros a more classic sequencing experience. A great feature, especially for those who are struggling with the vertical composition workflow.

New Step FXs

Polyend has also added a bunch of new step effects such as arpeggiation, swing, gate length, and slide to the sequencer engine. Also nice is the option to switch seamlessly between the performance screen and instrument parameters without breaking the performance. And the performance mode now plays through the entire song.

The transport bar is now visible in the pattern screen and tune FX now also works for MIDI notes. For all users of external gear: Tracker now has a MIDI output latency compensation and the line input passthrough function now supports delay and reverb sends. That’s a nice addition as well.

One of the built-in sound generators is a radio that can be sampled internally. This has also been expanded and now supports Japanese radio frequencies. Besides this, the developers also improved the performance of the unit and fixed numerous bugs.

Even with firmware 1.4, the Tracker remains a very special groove box. With this update, however, Polyend has made it even more accessible to Tracker workflow newbies. Thanks for this free update.

Price Change

According to Polyend, the price of the Tracker will raise starting 1st September 2021 to 599€/$649 USD due to increasing component, manufacturing, and shipping costs. Prices at retailers can differ.

Polyend Tracker 1.4 update is available now as a free download for existing customers. Tracker is officially priced 599€ and prices at the retailers can differ.

More information here: Polyend

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