Possible Mos-Lab Synthesizers Collaboration With Behringer?

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Mos-Lab Synthesizers received an email from Uli Behringer this morning for a request of a possible collaboration

As foreword: Yes Uli, I know you do not like these articles but I find it interesting to write about it. I do not want to harm any company with it 😉 If there is news about possible new Behringer synthesizers or drum machines, we are all of course very curious (media as well as communities). Mos-Lab Synthesizers (“The Moog made in France) is a company that specializes in recreating old Moog Music 5U modules received this morning an email from Uli Behringer.

According to the information, Uli asked the developer (Sebastien Moumon) of Mos-Lab Synthesizers to work together. Nothing new because there is already such a collaboration active where Behringer is working with the Italian-based Synthesizer developer FingerSonic.

Mos-Lab Synthesizers Behringer

Recreations Of Moog Modules, ARP2500 or RSF Polykobol?

It is not known what the cooperation will look like or which products Mos-Lab Synthesizers will participate in. Even if he is interested in cooperation at all. The French company is known for its replicas of 5U Moog Music modules. In the Facebook comments, the developer says that Uli probably doesn’t need him as a developer.

Mos-lab Synthesizers Behringer

Mos-Lab Synthesizers Behringer

However, Uli might be interested in the other projects of the company: ARP 2500 or an RSF Polykobol replica according to the information.

My Impression

After some Facebook calls from Uli Behringer and the cooperation with FingerSonic, it is well known that Uli does not want to do the big Synthesizer project alone with his team, but wants to convince other smaller developers of this idea. So it’s no wonder in my opinion that Mos-Lab Synthesizers got a request for a collaboration. Regarding possible products, it’s difficult to say what Behringer plans.

If ML really did have an ARP 2500 or RSF Polykobol in the planning, then this could really have sparked Uli’s interest. I also believe that Behringer doesn’t need potential help to reproduce potential Moog modules. With the Model D, they have already shown that they master the Bob Moog circuits. Thus, it remains exciting again at Behringer. Possible Moog modules, ARP 2500 or Polykobol are pure speculations. (Mos-Lab Synthesizers FB)

More information here: Behringer 

Source: Facebook 

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  1. Uli asks everybody in the synth scene who is experienced. He needs the know how and projects and he offers manufacturing and marketing power. Thats the deal.

    • uttr nonsense as Uli the utter has tons of engineers from all kind of famous audio companies and allready manufacturers tons of synths

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