Softube Released Mutable Instruments Rings For Modular & Valley People Dyna-Mite Updated!

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Softube has today released Mutable Instruments Rings module for Modular. It’s a physical modeling module longer available in the Eurorack format let you design unique struck, bowed or plucked sounds.

The code was completely imported from the module and thus you get the same amazing sounds as in the hardware.

Excite a material with some sort of energy input (a slap, a rub, a blow) and you’ll get a noise. The resonant qualities of that material (be it wood, metal, glass; a drum, a trumpet, a buttock), and the way in which you excite it, will determine the qualities of that sound; amongst other things, its timbre, frequency, and length in time. It is this thrilling world of excitation and resonance that concerns the Rings module, originally from Mutable Instruments, and now available in Softube Modular.


  • The only software version of Rings officially licensed and endorsed by Mutable Instruments
  • Three sophisticated resonator models in one module
  • ‘Modal’ synthesis imitates vibrating structures
  • ‘Sympathetic strings’ offers harmonizing drones and overtones
  • ‘Modulated/inharmonic string’ model is based on extended Karplus-Strong techniques
  • Up to four voices of polyphony, allowing for strummed chords
  • Create everything from bells to whistles, and more
  • Use in-built noise pulse, or an external audio signal, to excite the resonators
  • Requires Modular

Softube Dyna-mite Update

Softube has also announced an update to the Valley-People Dyna-mite plugin, which now includes Dyna-mite Gate and Dyna-mite Slam.

Softube Valley People Dyna-mite


A secret weapon to some, a hidden treasure to the rest, the Valley People Dyna-mite is a Swiss army knife limiter/expander design with unique character that has inspired engineers to do crazy things with sound for decades.

Now it’s more versatile and easier to use than ever. Adding two hyper-focused plug-ins based on the same sound, we’ve boiled it down into a simple, modern package. Meet Dyna-mite Slam, and Dyna-mite Gate!


  • Three plug-ins in one – the original Dyna-mite, plus focused ‘Slam’ & ‘Gate’ plug-in.
  • Limiting: Peak and average limiting, incl. negative ratio (-20:1) limiting and detector HF filtering (for De-Essing purposes).
  • Expanding: Hard or soft with extreme gate settings and detector HF filtering.
  • Ducking or Keying modes with an external side chain.
  • Release ranging from 0.05 to 5 sec/20 dB with Anticipatory Release Computation (ARC) to reduce pumping.
  • Analog-modeled output distortion for serious attitude and vibe.
  • All the detailed dynamic control – and it’s quick and easy.

Softube Rings for Modular is available now for the intro price of $29 USD until March 6th (25% off regular). The new Valley People Dyna-mite plugin is available for the intro price of $99 USD until March 6th, 2019 (30% off regular). The update is free to previous Valley People Dyna-mite users.

More information here: Softube

Available here:

Softube Rings

Softube Valley People Dyna-mite

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