SoundSaw, experimental distortion effect processor for iOS by Igor Vasiliev

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SoundSaw is Igor Vasiliev’s experimental and wild take on a distortion effect processor for iOS with AUv3 support. 

Whether hardware or software experimental sound generators, effects, etc. are always exciting. They enrich the sound landscape with new concepts, new sound colors, etc… Igor Vasiliev (iMusicAlbum) also pursues this somewhat wild, crazy product design in the iOS area.

Whether his soundscape/texture generator SoundScaper, drone Synthesizer SynthScaper, his FieldScaper Field recording app, all apps with an experimental touch. For his new app SoundSaw, Igor has taken the distortion effect in new unique direction.


SoundSaw by Igor Vasiliev

SoundSaw is described as a complex sound processing app with easy-to-use controls designed to distort the sound of musical instruments or voice, and give the sound the aesthetics and atmosphere of noise, lo-fi, chiptune, and experimental music scene.  Ok, that sounds very appealing after the first sentence, or is it just my enthusiasm for Igor’s works. Sorry, I’m a little biased.

Starting with the input section that offers different models of simulated signal processing electronic circuits including their typical harmonic saturation & noise. Then, you have a maximize that keeps the maximum signal level for more noticeable distortions and feedback effects. It has an additional max mode that holds the maximum volume when the input signal decays.


The distortion section is based on different sub-features. Overload gives your signals nice oversaturated and rich harmonics thanks to its design. It emulates the situation where the signal is much higher than the maximum allowable level of an electronic circuit. The result is these unique timbres. There are also decimator and bit crushing effects that add lovely digital artifacts like crackles and rattles. Feedback is inspired by acoustic feedback effects but more controllable says Igor.

After the distortion, you will find a 4-pole filter that uses an envelope generator as a modulator. You can choose between lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch settings. The input signal controls the envelope and gives you a single cycle of envelopes, repeat cycles, or work continuously. At the final stage (output), you get an additional filter for cutting the high and low range of the original signal and for mixing it with the processed signal. Basically a dry/wet control.


SoundSaw is capable to create a wide range of timbres. From light distortion & saturation up to loud, harsh, and full of harmonics. If you want to experiment with distortions, here you will find a lot of fun.

It runs as a standalone app or as an AUv3 plugin in iOS hosts.

SoundSaw by Igor Vasiliev (iMusicAlbum) is available now for $4.99 USD and runs on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple M1 computers.

More information here: AppStore

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