Qithesizer, new AUv3 multi-voice Synthesizer for iOS and macOS

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Qithesizer is a new AUv3 multi-voice Synthesizer with wavetable oscillators and physical modeling algorithms for iOS and macOS. 

The AUv3 plugin format has become essential for the iOS world. It lets apps open in multiple instances in your host application (AUM…) or DAW (Logic Pro for iPad…). Since the advance of Apple Silicon systems, the format has also become more and more important.

Already in April, the developer Robkoo released Qithesizer, an exciting iOS Synthesizer. I haven’t written about it yet because I wanted to wait and see if they would upgrade the app to AUv3. Now that has been done, and it also runs on macOS.



Qithesizer is a new multi-voice Synthesizer with several synthesis types as its core. It starts with two wavetable oscillators with traditional waveforms and hundreds of “digital waveforms”.

Next, you have four physical modeling algorithms, including reed, pipe, bowed, and more. Plus, you get a noise generator with three flavors. A

According to the developers, the synth is created with wind controllers in mind. That’s because the flagship product of the Chinese company Robkoo is the R1, a hardware wind Synthesizer, and controller. It probably hosts the same synth engine as the app.

Then, you get a multi-mode filter with three types for shaping your sounds further. On the modulation side, you get two envelopes and two LFOs, and all this is managed by a modulation matrix. It hosts four mod slots, 11 mod sources, and 18 modulation destinations.

Further, it hosts an effects processor with delay and reverb, as well as a master section. There is a big scope for giving a real-time visualization of your signals. Lastly, Quithesizer offers a 16-step sequencer with a pattern editor and the option to save patterns per presets.


A nice extra. Qithesizer runs on iOS and macOS. So if you buy the iOS version, you can download it for macOS (Apple Silicon) for free and use it in Ableton Live, Logic Pro or Reaper as an AUv3 plugin.

First Impression

An interesting synth in terms of features. It can still be improved in many places, especially for the asking price. For example, with more filter options, deeper modulators, etc. But physical modeling oscillators sounds very interesting. It’s a pity that there isn’t a real sound demo yet.

Qithesizer is available now for $29,99 and runs as an iOS standalone app and AUv3 plugin on iPhones, iPads, and macOS.

More information here: Robkoo / AppStore 

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