StreamByter Is A New Customizable MIDI Processor AUv3 Plugin For iOS

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Create custom powerful AUv3 MIDI effects with the new StreamByter app for iOS  by Audeonic Apps.

Have you always dreamed of own unique MIDI effects that fits perfectly to your setup? If so, this is now possible with a new app. StreamByte is a new AUv3 plugin that allows you to create custom MIDI effects. They can used in the AUv3 effect slot or as a standalone app connected via CoreMIDI virtual ports.


StreamByter is a plugin for creating custom MIDI effects. It can be used as an Apple Audio Unit (AU) effect or as a standalone app connected via CoreMIDI virtual ports. StreamByter is ported from our acclaimed MidiFire MIDI processing environment.

An iOS device (minimum iOS 11) and a suitable AU host app such as AUM, apeMatrix, Cubasis or Sequencism is required to use the AU variant. To use with CoreMIDI, a routing app like MidiFire is recommended and an iOS device with at least iOS 8 is required.

What Can You Do with StreamByter?

Use StreamByter to:

  •  Extend the MIDI processing functionality of any AU host.
  • Remap channels, notes, controllers (anything MIDI)
  • Filter MIDI events coarsely or finely
  • Clone or Delay any event
  • Send any event automatically when plugin is loaded
  • Create complex effects using programming concepts like conditionals, loops, variables (including array, timing and random), and math operators.

StreamByter is configured using a textual rules ‘language’ that defines how the effect should operate. Please see the support link to go to our website for full details. StreamByter is built using the MidiBus library –

StreamByter by Audeonic Apps is now available for $6.99 USD from the Apple App Store.

Available here: StreamByter

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