Happy Nerding FX Aid, new clocked delays, reverb crushed, stereo distortions, and more

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Happy Nerding FX Aid got a big algorithm upgrade with new clocked delays, stereo distortions, a dirty reverb, new modulators, and more.

The Happy Nerding FX Aid / FX Aid XL are among the most popular effects modules. They are compact and offer many high-quality effects and modulation algorithms.

A highlight of the FX Aid is the possibility of simply exchanging the algorithms and reloading the ones you need. The developer also benefits from this open, expandable platform by releasing new algorithms for the modules almost every month. This support is very welcome and it’s rare that a developer invests so much time in an older product. Thank you, Igor. In this article, I want to look back at the latest additions for these impressive modules.

Happy Nerding FX Aid disortions

Happy Nerding FX Aid

In April, Igor added a tuner effect that generates three fixed frequencies: 220 Hz, 440 Hz, 880 Hz. The left channel outputs a sawtooth wave and the right a triangle wave. In the 4HP FX Aid module, the CV input is the sample rate, and to get proper frequencies please leaves it unconnected. The video below shows you it in action.

In addition to new algorithms, Igor has also expanded the functionality of the module. You now switch between all 32 effects on the module via CV. On the bigger XL version, the CV should be applied to the SRR input. A perfect function to create crazy effects sounds with it.

FX Aid / FX Aid XL is not only a versatile multi-effects unit, it can also be used as a modulator. This functionality has also been expanded with four VCA and envelope generator combo effects that are available in the Shaper category. It includes:

  • Attack-Decay with either amp or delay control – right input for a trigger signal
  • Attack-Release with either amp or delay control – right input for gate signal

The left output has a linear Attack stage, while the Right output has an exponential Attack stage.

Clocked Delays & Reverbs

Then, there are also many new FX algorithms. On the one side, the developer added an impressive set of new clocked delays to the FX Aid.

  • Delay Freq Shift_clk
  • Delay HP_clk
  • …. LP_clk
  • … Mono_clk
  • … Ping-Pong_clk
  • Delay Pitch Shift_clk
  • Delay Pitch Shift_stepped_clk
  • … Vowel_clk
  • … into Chorus_clk

On the other side, Igor added a new Reverb Crush algorithm to the FX Aid modules. It’s a reverb with a sample rate reduction and tone control to shape it. The effect can be compared with the AC Noises “AMA Reverb”.


And today he added two new stereo distortion algorithms with which you can distort sounds nicely. It includes a distortion clipper and a distortion overdrive with additional noise gates to ensure a noise-free floor.

Lots of exciting new algorithms for the FX Aid. Thank you Igor for making the module better and better.

Happy Nerding FX Aid/Aid XL is available now for $200/$250 USD. The new algorithms are available for free for existing customers.

More information here: Happy Nerding

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