Erica Synths Matrix Mixer, Syntrx’s recallable 16×16 modulation matrix in standalone

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The innovative Erica Synths SYNTRX digital modulation matrix goes in standalone in the form of a recallable 16×16 matrix mixer for audio and CV

With the SYTRX Erica Synths released their first flagship Synthesizer in 2020. The developers took great inspiration from the legendary EMS VCS3 Synthesizer from 1969. Captain Obvious says hello. However, it is not a clone, replica… They took over the concept and the feature of it. The inside, however, is a completely new development.

It’s not just its massive analog sounds that it makes exciting. For many, the highlight of the SYTRX is its digital modulation matrix that is based on a classic pin matrix. Here digitized/modernized, without pins but recallable. Ready for the next step? The beloved digital matrix has now joined the standalone club with all the nice subtleties optimized for hardware workflows.

Erica Synths Matrix Mixer cover

Erica Synths Matrix Mixer

Matrix Mixer has an all-analog signal path, only the storage of the connections is digital. It has 16 buffered, DC-coupled inputs and 16 independent, buffered DC-coupled outputs, made for Eurorack,  arranged in a matrix. Like on classic pin matrix synths, the input sources come in on the left and destinations go out at the top of the matrix. Connections are made digitally by a couple of encoders and not with physical pins. This has the advantage that you save and recall your connections from the memory (256 in total).

Very handy if you want to use the matrix mixer in different setups. So you can recall the right configuration when you need it. Existing connections are displayed with red LEDs. These shine brighter or darker depending on the intensity that you can set for each intersection. The latter has a 3-level VCA built-in with simple attenuation making this possible. You can plug in audio, CV, or combine both signals nicely thanks to this VCA.

Then, you a randomization feature that will roll a dice and make connections for you. As always with this kind of function: it’s a great feature that makes fun. However, the results are not always useful. So it’s a comfortable way to discover new patching options. With the guaranteed surprise effect.

Erica Synths Matrix Mixer


On the backside, you have two inputs and outputs on regular jacks that are copies of the first two channels of the matrix. There is also a MIDI input that can be used for patch selection.

A device that can be used very versatile in my opinion. For example for organizing signals, switching between routings, creating splits, and more. Yes, at first glance it looks very clunky and big. To be honest, I’m one of those who like these sizes because the smaller a device, the more confusing it is for me. But certainly, a tool with which you can tease even more out of your analog Synthesizer setup and Eurorack system. Especially in the area of routing and modulation. And yes it’s recallable.



Erica Synths Matrix Mixer will be available for 490€ (excl. tax + shipping), 549€ +/- at retailers and shipping starts July 26, 2021.

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  1. I’m afraid it ‘ll miss its purpose. A typical eurorack has way more than 16 in – and outputs, so they can’t all be connected to the matrix. This will leave you with two options: or you deliberately limit yourself to only using those 16 in and outs, but that is defying the attractiveness of eurorack gear. And if you want to go that route, there might be more appealing and cheaper presettable polysynths offering larger modulation matrices as well. Or you go beyond the limitation of 16 and add additional cabling to your setup, but then this matrix is missing its purpose at least partially.
    To me its value lies in creating unexpected connections especially when you route high frequency signals into destinations that are not expecting it. Ordinary modulation matrices usually do not offer that possibility. But to pay 500 eur to get such connections by chance? I hope for Erica Synths there is a market for it.

    • You don’t need to have absolutely everything hooked up to this for it to be useful.

      There’s a few items like this already out there, and they are all quite expensive.

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