TouchOSC, Next-Generation Cross-Platform Touch Controller

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TouchOSC is a tool kit for touch MIDI controller interfaces, the new cross-platform generation is out now with many new features.

With its iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches, Apple has shown that there are many ways to make music on the go. The AppStore has currently countless synthesizers, drum machines, beat-making apps, as well as feature-rich DAWs such as Cubasis 3 or Auria Pro.

Tablets and smartphones can not only be used as virtual instruments but also as MIDI touch controllers. With TouchOSC, Hexler offered this to users of these devices at an early stage. More precisely the first version came out 10 years ago. At a time when making music on the tablet was still very much in its infancy. And the app was innovative back then because Lemur only offered the same only in expensive hardware.

Hexler TouchOSC

Today Hexler showed the next generation of TouchOSC and it’s a big step forward.

Hexler TouchOSC

The new TouchOSC is the official successor to the Mk1 version. However Hexler promses further bug fixes and maintenance updates for the former version. Big thanks for this. Users of older devices will be happy to hear this.

According to the developers, the next generation TouchOSC offers a rewritten code with cross-platform GPU support, embedded scription, better editing options, and more.


And of course there are many new features including new shapes. So you can implement many interface layouts.


  • rewritten GPU-powered app, rewritten cross-platform editor
  • cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Raspberry Pi, Windows Surface…)
  • new editor wth new shapes (round, triangular, hexagonal…)
  • multiple simultaneous connections of any number of MIDI and OSC messages
  • support of wired & wireless MIDI connection including MIDI over USB on iOS and Android.
  • OSC over UDP and TCP
  • multiple instances of TouchOSC with network-synced editing (uh, whoa)
  • a new lightweigth and fast scripting engine
  • scripting and local mesages
  • nested containers

I am happy to see that TouchOSC has got a new version. It’s a pefect enviroment for musicians who like to have a MIDI controller with a lot layout and scripting freedom Sure, you need to like touch display but you get a lot of flexibility here. At first glance, the new version looks very tempting.

Hexler TouchOSC is available now for 18€ incl. VAT/$18 USD international/non-VAT for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Licenses are one-time purchases and are per user and valid for all supported desktop operating systems. A license for Android and iOS are available on the respective app stores for $9.99 USD.

More information here: Hexler

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