TC Electronic June-60 v2, new design now suitable for guitars & synths

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TC Electronic June-60 v2, the Juno chorus pedal comes in a v2 with an improved circuit that makes it more suitable for Synthesizers. 

When TC Electronic announced a pedal that reproduces the legendary sound of the Roland Juno-60 / Juno-106, the anticipation was great. For just under 40 € it is very affordable. In terms of sound, however, it was disappointing, especially in combination with synthesizers. It didn’t get close to the original sound, either.

It turns out that the circuit is optimized for guitar players. Since Behringer…TC Electronic likes to present Mk2 (v2) at the moment, the June-60 is also getting an update. Like the RD-8.

TC Electronic June-60 v2

June-60 v2

The important news first: the TC Electronic June-60 v2 now works better with both synths and guitars. The developers have revised the circuit again so that it harmonizes better with synths. Now you can change the input level via an internal switch from guitar to synth level.

June-60 v2

The internal LFO has also been optimized. Buyers of the first one have probably noticed that it is too fast for synths. You now have an internal dipswitch bank to adjust the LFO speed. TC Electronic promises a chorus effect that is closer to the legendary Roland Juno chorus, hopefully.

Further, the stereo circuits have been redesigned for wider and more prominent separation. That sounds like a good update as the chorus lives off the stereo field a lot. Like the first version, it comes with two yellow buttons. The first is a slow, rich chorus, the second a faster, or both together for an extra mode. There is also a slider switch with which you can select between mono and stereo. The latter is available on TRS outputs. And it remains a true-bypass effect pedal.

A lot of anticipation and a lot of disappointment, this is how the reviews of the first June-60 pedal can be summed up from the perspective of synthesizer players. Now comes v2. I am happy about this update and if it is again below 40 €, many will happily forget the first version.

TC Electronic JUNE-60 v2 is available soon.

More information here: TC Electronic

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