TC Electronic JUNE-60 Is Not A Replica Of The Roland JUNO Synthesizer Chorus

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One of the hottest topics in the Synthesizer + effects domain is certainly the new TC Electronic JUNE-60 pedal. Initial information said that the pedal is a replica of the well-known Roland Juno chorus. We all thought so far but the first buyers and testers report that he does not sound like this legendary chorus. This assumption was confirmed today by TC Electronic on Gearslutz.

According to the company, the idea was not to replicate the best-known chorus sound but to change it so that it is useable for guitars and basses. So it happens that the JUNE guitar pedal does not sound like the legendary JUNO Synthesizer chorus. In my opinion, for a price of 36€ currently, you can not go wrong with it because it doesn’t sound bad at all. Sure it’s not a JUNO chorus clone but for the price, it’s nice chorus pedal.

TC Electronic JUNE-60

Gearslutz Thread

Hi, my name’s Scotty. I’m the new product category leader for guitar and bass at TC Electronic in Denmark. I’ve been following this thread about the June 60 pedal and I just wanted to chime in and clear a couple of things up. TC Electronic is a part of*Music Tribe. This means we have*access to an amazing array of shared services within the group such as a wide distribution network and fantastic manufacturing and supply services which let us provide customers with great products but at an affordable price.

However, all TC Electronic products are designed and developed in-house by the same R&D team here in Denmark that brought you all of the great classics which TC has become known for. The June 60 is a pedal that TC designed to be an excellent retro chorus for guitar and bass. The circuit is based around the chorus circuit from the Juno but it isn’t a clone. We tweaked and changed the circuit to be most suitable for guitar and bass. Having said that, you can use it with keys and synths but it will not be the same as a Juno. It will be its own thing.

It’s been valuable to be able to read everyone’s thoughts about the pedal on here and just to let you know, we do read the forums and we do pay notice to what customers are searching for. It’s great to see so much interest surrounding this product and this thread has certainly given us a lot of food for thought. As for customers still waiting for delivery of their pre-orders, we are trying our best to get the products to you ASAP and we can only apologize for the delay. We hope you will be very happy with your purchase when it arrives.

Scotty, TC Electronic


TC Electronic JUNE-60 is available now for a price of 36€ worldwide.

More information here: TC Electronic 

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