Erica Synths LXR-02, digital drum Synthesizer collaboration with Sonic Potions

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Erica Synths and Sonic Potions team up for the new LXR-02, a revised and upgraded version of the powerful LXR drum synthesizer.

Analog plays an important role not only in synthesizers but also in drum machines. This is evident from the huge interest in the RD-6, RD-8, and RD-9 releases from Behringer. Sonic Potions from Germany has long shown that digital can also sound damn good. Julian Schmidt, who is behind the company Sonic Potions, has managed to develop a drum synthesizer with his LXR that sounds super flexible and versatile.

The instrument covers a variety of drum sounds that range from classic “analog”, dirty digital to modern clean. Something for everyone. And if you like to DIY, you can get them for 300 €. Erica Synths has now also seen what the LXR is capable of and has teamed up with Julian to bring a new version of it to the market. Psst, this is a leak from Sweetwater, it’s not yet official.

Erica Synths LXR-02

Erica Synths LXR-02

The LXR-02 is a revamped version of Sonic Portion’s beloved LXR drum machine DIY kit. It is based on the same TR-inspired concept, only expanded and improved in many points. The technology is now at home in a newly designed stylish black design. The Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline Synthesizer has found its match here.

It features six fully customizable synth drum voices. Each voice uses different synthesis models to generate the sounds but no samples. The first three drum voices allow you to create everything from kicks, toms, cowbells, and other percussive elements. Then, you get a subtractive clap and snare voice, an FM voice for pitched percussion sounds, and a hi-hat generator. Handy, it also includes a separate track for setting open hats.

A multi-type 2-pole state-variable filter ((LP, HP, BP, unit gain BP, notch, peak, 303-style acid filter) with resonance and drive control gives you another shaping layer. Thanks to the all synthetic engine, all drum sounds can be designed from scratch (vintage analog drum sounds, dirty digital, crisp modern…). Like its predecessor, it is a sonic laboratory with endless options to create its own drum/percussive sounds.

Erica Synths LXR-02

In addition to the 6 drum voices, the new LXR-02 has a deep modulation section to give life and movement to the drum sounds. Each voice has an envelope generator with attack, decay controls, and a variable slope (exponential, linear, logarithmic). Then, you get a transient generator allowing you to layer in a controllable click or additional impact via a selection of transient samples.

Plus, each voice has its own LFO which is routable to numerous modulation destinations (pitch, envelope decay, slope…). There are also many modulation sources like note velocity or the FM oscillator. If you want even more evolving results, you can also record parameters directly in the sequencer.

Solid FX Section

To shape and beef up your drum sounds even further, the LXR-02 includes three available drive FX algorithms including tube saturation, wavefolder, and hard-clip distortion. Three perfect effects with which you can bring character and soul into sounds. Further, you have a ring modulator for instantly strange sequences, a compressor, and a modulated delay. More precisely, it’s a 20ms – 700ms delay with a built-in LFO for flanger-style effects.


The Erica Synths x Sonic Potion LXR-02 hosts a 16-step sequencer per voice with eight subdivisions per steps. Thus, you have up to 128 steps per voice that you can fill with sounds. They run at 32PPQ resolution and offer parameter automation.

Erica Synths LXR-02 backside

Presets & Backside

Yes, sounds can also be conveniently saved on a microSD card on the backside and this also hosts another neat functionality. A morph function allows you to crossfade between preset kits. So you can make a live performance even more varied. Switch gently from one to the other preset kit or slowly, with which you also get interesting new sounds in the interim results.

On the backside, you 4 mono outputs, unfortunately not 6 for all voices, phones, 5-pin MIDI in/out, USB-MIDI, microSD card slot, reset in, clock in/out, on/off switch, and a 12v DC power input.

At the moment there is no sound demo of the new version. But since it is based on the first LXR, you can listen to such sound demos. But it will be more versatile in many places that’s for sure.

A lovely further development of the beloved LXR drum machine from Sonic Potion. Many love the sound of this drum machine, but the DIY factor has deterred many from buying it. Now in an improved form, with more features, with more knobs and a great look, I think that the LXR-02 will attract many new customers.

Erica Synths x Sonic Potions LXR-02 is available soon for $589 USD.

More information: Erica Synths 

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