Soundslates Capsule, virtual instrument with a cloud full of sound libraries

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Soundslates Capsule, a new subscription service on the basis of a macro-controlled Synthesizer plugin that gives you constantly new sounds via a cloud. 

Subscription services are also growing in music tech. From virtual instruments, samples, loops … there is hardly anything that is not. New companies as well as well-known ones like Roland with their cloud rely on borrowing software rather than buying them. Adobe showed how to do it.

A new company called Soundslates has recently started which also offers software and subscription.

Soundslates Capsule

Soundslates Capsule

The core of Capsule is a powerful synthesis engine with multiple types of oscillators (virtual analog, sample playback…) and more. Comparable to UVI Falcon 2 or Omnisphere 2. Here, however, the user has no access to this engine. Each of the virtual instruments has a number of macro controls that control one or more parameters of the core.

Seen in this way, the developers take away the flood of parameters from the user and limit them to individual ones, which means that results are obtained more quickly. You don’t lose any hours in the synthesis possibilities without having composed something. This is about ready-to-play virtual instruments that can be fine-tuned. Either with a filter, effects, etc.

Further, there are libraries where each has specific themes and includes up to 64 instruments created by sound designers. Soundslates says that they are designed to enhance the sonic palette of music producers. As a paying member, you get on a regular basis new Capsules aka libraries that will be available directly from the plugin interface or the Capsule Portal desktop application. The whole thing is done very cleverly. You only have one plugin where you can conveniently download the libraries and use them immediately.

First Impression

I’m not a fan of subscriptions, but I like the implementation. The design of the plugin is clean and easy to use. Capsule is clearly geared towards all musicians who want ready-to-use sounds. Anyone who wants to go deep into the synthesis is wrong here. This is about reducing the possibilities so that one should concentrate more on writing new tracks. Less is more. Is this what the future of virtual instruments looks like? All in the cloud? I’m curious.

Soundslates Capsule is available now for $9.99 USD per month. You get full cloud access to all existing and future Capsule releases. A 30-days trial is available. A pay per-use option allows users to purchase perpetual licenses for the individual Capsules at $19.99 USD per Capsule It runs on macOS and Windows in VST3 and AU plugin formats.

More information: Soundslates

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