Odalie, New Derrière L’écran Album & Live Performance (SynthFest France 2021)

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The French musician Odalie has also created a contribution to the SynthFest France 2021 festival. She transports the listeners into very atmospheric, ambient sound worlds.

In her live setup, she has a modular system with different Eurorack modules, a Moog DFAM drum Synthesizer, and the MFB Dominion 1. Nice to see the latter in action again.

In July Odalie will release a new album called “Derrière L’écran (behind the screen) with 5 new tracks. You can pre-order it now on Bandcamp. She says:

Two years after her highly acclaimed self-titled EP, ODALIE, the creative outlet of French composer Sophie Griffon, returns with Derrière l’écran (engl. “behind the screen”) – another EP format that interacts with an elaborate audiovisual live show. Together with cellist Paolo Rezze and visualist Alma Alta, 5 evocative audiovisual paintings have been created between electronica, ambient and modern classical music.

More information here: Lintree

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