Panic Girl Live Performance From Munich (SynthFest France 2021)

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Panic Girl, a Munich-based modular downtempo artist also participated in this year’s online edition of the SynthFest France 2021. She played a short live set with different electronic instruments.

In the setup, she had a two-case big Eurorack Synthesizer with various modules from Mutable Instruments, Make Noise, an Elektron Octatrack, an EarthQuaker Devices Avalance Run reverb/delay pedal, and a portable cassette player.

Panic Girl SynthFest France 2021

Panic Girl Live Performance From Music (SynthFest France 2021)

“Combining hardware such as modular synthesizers, the ARP 2600 and a Juno 60 along with field recordings and gentle voicescapes, Panic Girl manages to create music that blurs the line between electronic composition and naturally organic ambience.”

And don’t miss the new album Blue from Panic Girl that I reported on in May.

More information here: Panic Girl

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SynthFest France 2021

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