GuDa Audio Released SynthR Synthesizer Plugin (VST/AU)!

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GuDa Audio has today released SynthR, a new flexible Synthesizer plugin with clean anti-aliased oscillators (FM, sync…) and a multi-mode filter. On the modulation side, it offers 5 LFO’s with flexible shapes and 5 envelopes with drag & drop support.

To refine the sounds, it comes with built-in effects.

GuDa Audio SynthR


  • 3 oscillators with saw, triangle, square and sine shape with sync support. FM is possible with modulation from other oscillators.
  • 5 AHDSR Envelopes with adjustable shape from fully linear to exponential.
  • Filter with choice of: OFF, transistor ladder, k 2pole, diode ladder, SVF 2p low pass/ high pass/ band pass and basic 2p low pass.
  • 5 LFOs with spline draw able shapes. LFOs can be set to free, tempo-synced, note triggered loop or note triggered one shot. Personal shapes can be saved and loaded from easy to use preview images.
  • The effect section includes dist, echo, chorus, reverb, and compressor.
  • Easy to change color themes and looks.

GuDa Audio SynthR is available now for the introduction price of $19 USD/€ until May 1st, 2019. The regular price is $59 USD /€.

More information here: GuDa

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