Korg Trident, 8-Voice Analog String Synthesizer From The Past

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YouTuber synth4ever has released a detailed review of the Korg Trident, an 8-voice analog string Synthesizer from 1980.

There is something magical about vintage synthesizers. Everyone knows the feeling of playing or even owning a device from the past. I think every vintage synth sounds better because you have the feeling that you have something special in your hands. For the owners, there two types: either you treat them like trophies in the studio, or you use them as a sound design tool like any other synth.

Personally, I like it when the instruments are still in use. I’m not a fan of buying such instruments to wait for them to become more valuable. One of my favorite vintage synthesizers is the Korg Trident. Not necessarily because of the warm, rich sound but rather because of its lovely interface/design which has always fascinated me.

Korg Trident
Photo ©www.greatsynthesizers.com

Korg Trident

The Trident Mk1 initially released in 1980 is an 8-voice analog polyphonic, programmable Synthesizer that consists of three independent sections: Synthesizer, brass, and strings. It also offers the option to play two sections simultaneously in the split mode.

Two years later, Korg released the Trident Mk2 with more memory (32 patches), an independent envelope generator for the VCF section, and more. Mk1 or Mk2, Trident are no bargains at all. However, if you want like to experience a little Trident vibe in your studio without plundering your savings account, you should check out the Trident emulation Tricent mk III from Full Bucket Music. 

If you want to find out more about the Trident, I have a tip. YouTuber synth4ever, known for many excellent vintage synth content, did a detailed video review about it. Don’t miss this video.


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