Spitfire Audio LABS Autoharp, Free Virtual Instrument Plugin (macOS & Win)

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Expand your sound arsenal with the new Spitfire Audio LABS Autoharp, a free virtual instrument for macOS & Windows based on Autoharp recordings.

When the word free plugin is mentioned, many music producers listen up, especially bedroom producers who work on a rather lower budget. Even more when it comes to high-quality plugins from best-known companies. and yes, making music with only free plugins is no problem in 2021.

In the last two years, the quality of freeware plugins has increased a lot. Just take Surge Synthesizer, ValhallaDSP Supermassive, and other plugins, these are just two examples that show on which level we are currently at. This also includes Spitfire Audio from the UK with their free virtual instrument series LABS which they expand every month. This month, they giveaway for free virtual autoharp instrument for your DAW.


Spitfire Audio LABS Autoharp

Autoharp is a new addition to Spitfire Audio’s awarding-winning free virtual instruments series LABS. It features plucked & strummed expertly recorded sounds by composer Christian Henson at Castlesounds. An autoharp is a stringed musical instrument belonging to the zither family, also referred to as a chord zither.

The virtual instrument also features an extra FX signal made by feeding the autoharp through an old VOX amp, for a grittier sound. Spitfire Audio says it’s a classic instrument reimagined. The sounds are all mapped in the free Spitfire audio app plugin where you have three different parameters with which you can refine the sound.

Another lovely new addition to the free LABS family. I can warmly recommend these virtual instruments to everyone. They sound excellent and add new timbres to any sound arsenal at no charge. Lastly, don’t forget to check out the other excellent LABS releases.

Spitfire Audio Pipe Autoharp is available as a free download for the Spitfire Audio app. The latter runs as a VST, AU & AAX plugin on Windows & macOS.

More information here: Spitfire Audio

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