Synth-Werk Releases SW3P-2020, A Moog Modular IIIP Recreation Dedicated To Klaus Schulze

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With the SW3P-2020, Synth-Werk offers a noble analog reproduction of the Moog Modular IIIP synthesizer, handmade in Germany and dedicated to Klaus Schulze

Moog Modular Systems are great modular synthesizers. Large knobs, large patch cords, and a feast for the eyes in every studio. But it is also very expensive fun. Some companies are currently reproducing these synthesizers from the past, including Moog itself. Behringer, on the other hand, will shortly be offering the Moog Modular System even in Eurorack for very little. However, if you want to stay in the 5U style and have more budget, you can take a look at the new synth plant SW3P-2020.

The SW3P-2020 from Synth-Werk (Germany) is a 1: 1 replica of the well-known Moog Modular IIIP system. This reproduction is even dedicated to Klaus Schulze because he bought this system in 1975 from the German artist Florian Fricke and used it for several years for live performances & studio recordings.

Synth-Werk 3P-2020

Kindly dedicated to Klaus, we considered it is about time to reengineer and resurrect this wonderful instrument to the very last detail to bring back the authentic sound and feel of this highly sophisticated beauty. With greatest respect to the spirit of the old Trumansburg days, there will be a pristine model but no such thing as a stock 3P-2020, since everything remains customizable to your very own personal taste

The SW3P-2020 System Features

  • 2x SW901A Oscillator Driver
  • 6 x SW901B Oscillator
  • 3 x SW902 Voltage Controlled Amplifier
  • 3x SW911 Envelope Generator
  • SW911A Dual Trigger Delay
  • SW914 Fixed Filter Bank
  • SW984 Four-Channel Matrix Mixer
  • SW905 Reverberation Unit
  • SW991 Filter and Attenuator
  • SW993 Trigger and Envelope Voltages
  •  SW994 Multiples
  • 2 x SW CP3 Mixer S
  • SW CP Multiples & Attenuators
  • SW Control Interface
  • SW Balanced Output
  • Power Switch

To finalize the system SW3P-2020, you can add the sequencer system that includes two SW960 sequencers, SW961CP, and two SW962CP.

Sound Demos

Andreas Merz, the founder, and organizer of the Ambient Waves Festival in Munich sent me a sound demo for the Superbooth 20 Home Edition. Thanks a lot

The  Synth-Werk SW3P-2020 is available now for 19.500,00 € + 19% VAT.  The sequencer system is available for 5.560€ + 19% VAT. Very expensive modular Synthesizer but significantly cheaper than an original replica from Moog ($35.000 USD without sequencer system).

More information here: Synth-Werk

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    • sure but let see how they sound compared to these + they are not 5U 😉 It’s easy to clone the circuits of the Moog Modular but the difficult part is to make them 1:1 🙂 So we need to wait until the first comparison

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