Error Instruments Error Drum & Glow LFO, Bizzare FM Drum Voice & Light-Controlled Modulator

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Error Instruments Error Drum & Glow LFO, two crazy Eurorack modules that take every modular musician into new experimental spheres.

There are many Eurorack modules. Often, however, manufacturers adopted classic synthesis designs into the Eurorack format. A bit like repacking with CV connections.

Paul Tas from Error Instruments from the Netherlands is going a completely different Eurorack way. Crazy, wild, and experimental. His developments have little to do with classical synthesis ideas. Its two new modules are again super wild and perfect for the spoiled experimental modular musicians.

Error Instruments Error Drum Glow LFO

Error Instruments Error Drum

Error Drum is an experimental drum generator that consists of a dual voice FM generator. It is capable of generating noisy, glitchy drums that cannot be achieved with classic drum voices. The triangle-formed interface is very straightforward. You have three potentiometers for the pitch, mix, and preset. Paul the developer doesn’t tell us what the Preset knob does. Does it morph through different sounds or otherwise? I can’t say that.

What I know is that the module is sonically very flexible. It can create short high hats, extreme over-to-top glitches to Soma Pulsar 23 inspired analog kit drums with some knob twists. Here is a nice sound demo by the YouTuber Cinematic Laboratory.

Error Instruments Glow LFO

The second new module is the Glow LFO. At first glance, it’s a classic LFO with sine, square, and random waveforms. The module comes from Error Instruments, the crazy sound laboratory of Paul Tas aka Error Instruments. These are anything but normal. Glow LFO as the name suggests offers a built-in light sensor with which you can mess up the LFO. It interferes with the LFO signal in an interesting, crazy way.

Not sure but it appears it ships with its own light that can be plugged into a socket. You can also use any other light source if you want. Or turn of the functionality for just a regular LFO. Paul also says it has a built-in sequencer for looping but there is no info about this feature. Very crazy, very different, often not sure what the features are doing but that’s exactly what we expect from Error Instruments.

Error Instruments Error Drum is available now for 129€. Full details for the Glow LFO will be announced this Friday.

More information here: Error Instruments

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