Xaoc Devices Announced 5 New Eurorack Modules For Superbooth 2019

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Ahead of Superbooth 2019, Xaoc Devices from Poland has today announced five new Eurorack modules: one new advanced waveshaper, a new analog delay, a voltage controlled DSP effects processor, an updated version for Samara and an expander for the Zadar envelope generator.

Xaoc Devices Superbooth 2019

New Modules For Superbooth 2019

Jena 1989 Binary Transfunctioner is a digital waveshaper and function mapper that transforms classic oscillator sound in 8-bit sounds. It’s a digital waveshaper and function mapper that transform a simple VCO sawtooth or a triangle wave into a plethora of waveshapes from any of the shape banks, with additional, deep through-zero phase modulation. Individual bit outputs may be used to produce interesting signals as well. Jena also features a dedicated bank of Walsh function with which you can perform additive Walsh synthesis, not very common in Eurorack, but a powerful technique for creating sounds.

Transforming slow waveforms to sequences of binary signals is a great way to create rhythmic drum patterns. Jena comes with a special bank that has plenty of such patterns — just connect up to 8 drum voices to individual bit outputs on Jena. The rhythms can be selected or morphed on the fly through an external CV input.

Sarajewo 1984 Syncable Analog Delay Line

It’s a new analog delay based on three 4096-stage BBD chips. The features are:

  • Three 4096–stage BBD chips
  • Delay time spanning from 20 up to 1560 miliseconds
  • Syncable to an external clock or manually tapped tempo
  • Tempo division and multiplication
  • Multi-tap topology with individual tap outputs
  • Tracking filters for optimal clock noise attenuation
  • Voltage controlled dry/wet crossfader
  • Capable of self-oscillation
  • Tone processor in the feedback loop
  • Additional external feedback loop input

Timiszoara 1970 Voltage Controlled DSP Effektor

It’s a stereophonic/dual DSP unit based on the acclaimed, 24–bit Spin FV1 engine from Spin Semiconductor. Its open architecture allows for adding user–designed effect or function algorithms and organizing them in virtual “cartridges” on the flash card, library style. Virtually hundreds of algorithm sets can be available for immediate use.

  • Up to three parameters per algorithm can be voltage controlled
  • Additional, low–noise, voltage controlled analog dry/wet crossfader
  • Micro SD card slot · OLED screen for better visual reference
  • Voltage controlled algorithm selection
  • Expander is planned, adding CPU clock control and two feedback loops with tone processors.

Samara II 1962 Utility Waveform Processor

It’s the second version and is both a flexible mixer and a multifunction utility that may be used for processing audio signals, control voltages, and modulation waveforms. It is a second, significantly extended version of Samara, originally introduced in 2016.

It offers four channels of signal attenuation, conversion between unipolar and bipolar voltages (offsetting by either positive or negative value), mixing in various configurations, as well as a variety of useful signal transformations: clamping, minimum/maximum, sample & hold, and wave scanning.

  • Four attenuation channels
  • Two bipolar offset channels
  • Four inverters
  • One four-channel mixer
  • Two double–channel mixers
  • Mixing of up to eight signals when using inverted inputs
  • Two modes of minimum/maximum calculation
  • Clamp, scan, sample and hold waveform processing modes

Nin 1973 Expander

Nin is a simple but very useful expansion for the ever popular Zadar quadruple envelope generator module.

  • The upper section consists of four tactile buttons that provide manual gates for each of Zadar’s channels. The buttons are useful in live performance and when fine-tuning parameters.
  • Most importantly, the expander features a second set of assignable control voltage inputs for Zadar channels. It also unlocks an additional menu page on Zadar, allowing for the assignment of up to two total voltage controlled parameters for each channel.

Prices & Availability

  • Jena – 250€ – shipping later this year
  • Nin – 55€ – available now
  • Timiszoara – 260€ – TBA
  • Sarajewo – 350€ – TBA
  • Samara II – 190€ – TBA

All five new Xaoc Devices modules will premiere this week at Superbooth 19 in Berlin.

More information here: Xaoc Devices

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