1V/OCT The Centre, Serum-Inspired Wavetable Eurorack Synth Now On Kickstarter

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1V/OCT is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the Centre, an Xfer Serum-inspired Synthesizer for the Eurorack format.

The market of digital Eurorack modules has significantly changed in the last years’ thanks to new powerful DSPs and digital architecture. If you compare the market 5 years ago, this has made a huge leap in the quality. Away from the simple concept to large, high-quality granular processors, looper, wavetable oscillators, and more. Even entire virtual analog synths are now available for the Eurorack.

A big new digital module project comes from Hong Kong. 1V / Oct, a new development company will shortly be launching a Kickstarter campaign for a Serum-inspired multi-layer wavetable Synthesizer module.

Update: 1V/OCT The Centre is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter

1V:Oct The Centre

1V/OCT The Centre

As the name suggests, the Centre module (28HP) has the concept to be the center of your Eurorack system. It’s a complete wavetable Synthesizer voice that is inspired by wavetable Synthesizer plugins like Dune 2, Xfer Serum, and others. It takes the ideas from these software instruments and packs them into the modular world in the form of a module.

The Centre Eurorack

According to the developer, The Centre is not a simple wavetable oscillator but a complete, independent Synthesizer module that can be controlled with CV. It features different modules that can work together and can be internally patched. It includes:

  • multi-voice poly wavetable oscillator with unison, detune, modulation with wavetable and preset elements support from Dune 2 and Serum
  • LFOs, VCOs, standard modular digital versions
  • shapes for LFO and envelopes with shape import from Serum
  • filters including bi-quad and ladder
  • MIDI powered sampled-based drum racks
  • clocks,  MIDI clocks, gate dividers
  • some physical modeling
  • ring modulation
  • wavefolding
  • and more.

Specs & Connectivity

The engine runs internal with 48kHz at 32bit processing (floating point) giving you a high-quality sound. The module offers a lot in terms of connections. You have 4 individual channels with 16bit 48kHz with 4 dedicated outputs, 4 v/oct inputs covering up to 8 voices, and 4 gate/clock inputs with a configurable threshold. Then, you have 8 CV inputs (-5V to 5V), 8 level knobs, and 8 attenuator knobs that can host any function you like.

It goes even deeper. You can create unlimited internal CV patches between the internal modules. So you can internally connect the modules with virtual patch cables without using the hardware CV inputs. That makes the whole thing super powerful.

A very exciting project in my opinion. At first glance, the module offers a lot of functionality and deep sound-shaping options. Unfortunately, this also means that you spend a lot of time with menu diving, which may be many of you don’t like. Nonetheless, it looks like it could open up a lot of new possibilities in the Eurorack world. But yes, everything depends on the implemented software.

1V/Oct The Centre will available now for pre-order on Kickstarter for $3000 Hong Kong Dollar (+/- 320€) (early bird) + import fees + shipping. The complete modular synth (The Centre + Tamar MIDI polyphonic interface + Terminus… costs $5000 HKD (+/- 527€) (super early bird) + import fees + shipping.

The module will be ready in September 2021.

More information here: 1/V Oct website & Kickstarter 

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  1. Hey,
    Just wanted to inform you that The Centre is LIVE on Kickstarter and was fully backed in 16 Minutes!

    Thank you and everyone for support!

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