UVI Super-7, Explore Roland MKS-7 Synthesizer Sounds In A Virtual Instrument

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In the new Super-7 virtual instrument, UVI takes us on a journey through the sound worlds of the Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet from 1986.

Vintage synthesizers are often real investments. In the worst case, dream synthesizers cost as much as a good car. You have to consider for a long time whether you should take this step. On the other hand, you can be happy that there are so countless emulations and sample-based instruments that are based on them.

These do not replace these instruments, but often give us a lot of sounds that remind us of them. Oftentimes, just owning the hardware makes the sounds sound better. UVI, one of the specialists in sampling, has now added another vintage device to its growing portfolio. Super-7 is based on the Roland MKS-7 Synthesizer Workstation from 1986. A little less known instrument but one with great sounds.

UVI Super-7

UVI Super-7

The ad title sounds tempting: “an 80’s analog toolbox with vintage polysynth, drum machines, and more”. The sounds are of course not analog but digital. For the new Super-7, UVI recorded the sounds of the Roland MKS-7 analog Synthesizer with lots of detail. Thus the analog sounds became digital. From these a virtual instrument was created which captures all facets of the rack-mount Synthesizer from Roland.

Looking back, the Roland MKS-7 aka Super Quartet was a multi-timbral synth module that offers four independent sections: drums, bass, leads, and pads. One of his strengths was the ability to play all 4 parts at the same time. To this day, many musicians consider the Roland MKS-7 has an underrated synth power machine.

Unlike its model, the MKS-7, the Super-7 has six parts, each packed with a wide range of authentic sounds. The sounds of Super-7 are multi-sampled directly from vintage hardware through a custom chain of outboard processors, giving it a rich and lively tone that sits well in the mix. The drum section, however, also includes samples from classic drum machines such as the TR-505, 606, 626, 707, 808, 909 and a selection created with the UVI Drum Designer. So you have a wide selection of vintage and modern timbres.

UVI Super-7

Important, the sounds are available in three versions: normal, with the hardware chorus, and with the noise switch active, allowing users to engage these features just as you would on the hardware.

Sound Design Flexibility

The Super-7 presets are fully customizable. This means users have full control over each instruments’ amp envelopes, multimode filters and filter envelopes, effects including EQ, drive, and phasor, effect sends for 2 reverbs and 2 delays. What you already know from other UVI sample-based instruments. Further, you can edit the built-in arpeggiators in detail that gives a lot of flexibility.

It ships with a wide range of patches, 262 in total, in many styles. From modern genres to synthwave, electro, house, 80s synthpop, experimental and more.

At first look a nice-sounding library from UVI. Certainly interesting for all friends of vintage synthesizers and synth-wave sounds.

UVI Super-7 is available now for an introductory price of $49/49€ through May 2nd, 2021 (regularly $79 / 79€). It runs in the UVI Falcon Synthesizer or in the free UVI Workstation, providing comprehensive support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

More information here: UVI 

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