Herbs and Stones Gentle Wham, 6-Voice Analog Drum Synthesizer Teaser

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Herbs and Stones, developer of the Liquid Foam, teases the perfect partner for it, the Gentle Wham, an upcoming analog drum Synthesizer.

I’m a big fan of experimental synthesizers. Whether hardware or software, they enrich the synthesizer world a lot with their crazy concepts every now and then.  If you want to get to know some of the best experimental sound generators, here is an article about the best from 2020.

Here you can find, among other things, the young manufacturer Herbs and Stones who released the Liquid Foam in standalone and as Eurorack module. It’s a patchable TB-303 from another wold as some users like to describe it. Gianluca Herbertson, the developer is currently working hard on a partner for the Liquid Foam. It will be a wild drum Synthesizer named Gentle Wham.

herbs and stones gentle wham

Herbs and Stones Gentle Wham

I can’t say much about the product, only what you can see in the current Instagram post. It will be a patchable analog drum Synthesizer with 6 drum channels. Like the Liquid Foam, the interface is very hands-on and has only a few parameters. There are knobs for the pitch, drive, and thirst. The latter sounds exciting. Then, it has hi- to lowpass filter and a separate cutoff and resonance control.

Gianluca writes they can be triggered by everything. Probably means via the individual triggers and maybe on MIDI. Each channel also hosts a manual trigger button and a light. There is still information missing. However, you can hear it already on Instagram. To me, it sounds interesting. You could hear many different timbres, but right now, it’s difficult to classify them at the moment. For this, we have to watch out for the official demos. 

I also like the look of the Gentle Wham very much. A lot of emphases was placed on the layout that goes very well with the Liquid Foam Synthesizer.

More information will follow soon: Herbs and Stones

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