NLog Pro 6.0 Synthesizer Update Adds AUv3 Support & New Modern UI

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NLog Pro by Tempo Rubato, one of the first pro-sounding Synthesizer app for iOS, just got an update 6.0 with AUv3 support as well as a new modern UI.

When NLog Pro by the developer Rolf Wöhrmann, today chief developer of Waldorf, was launched, the iOS music app world was at the beginning. There weren’t many synthesizer apps at the time. NLog Pro was one of the first to keep up with the sound level of VST plugins. The app showed early what is possible with the iOS platform.

This has since developed significantly. Starting with apps that had AudioBus integrated as a audio transfering protocol, then came Inter-App Audio (IAA) from Apple to today with AUv3 support. A new generation of AU plugins that run on iOS and iPadOS. For NLog Pro there was no update for a long time, but now there is great news. The app is finally on the AUv3 route.

NlogSynth Pro 6.0

NLog Pro 6.0

Much remains the same with the NLog Pro 6.0 Synthesizer. The great sounding sound engine, the feature set and the popular presets. But the entire engine now shines in a new high-resolution graphical user interface. Away from the wood look to classic black with color accents. A bit of the old wood look remain on the top of the interface, however.

Internally there are still two multi-waveform oscillators, two filters, envelopes, LFOs, etc. Nlog Pro 6.0 now has AUv3 support, which makes it much more interesting for mobile musicians of the year 2021. Thanks to this new function, NLog Pro can now be used in several instances in an AUv3 capable DAW / host. A step that many users have been waiting for.

NLog Pro AUv3

I am very happy to see NLog Pro 6.0 with AUv3 support. It was one of the first professional iOS Synthesizer apps that could keep up with the sound level of VST plugins.

Tempo Rubato NLog Pro 6.0 is available now as a free update for existing customers. For new users, the app is available now for $4.99 USD on the AppStore.

More information here: Tempo Rubato

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